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Genetic testing for childhood cataract

About the research project -. https://www.utas.edu.au/our-research/research-degrees/available-projects/health-and-medicine/area/menzies-institute-of-medical-research/genetic-testing-for-childhood-cataract. Read more

Exploiting novel haplotypes to improve disease resistance in wheat (UAUY_J22CASE)

Wheat is a major cereal crop providing 20% of global calorie and protein intake for humans. While a 50% increase in wheat yield is required by 2050, diseases reduce yields by ~25% globally and thus pose a major threat to global food security. Read more

Understanding and Engineering a Natural Herbicide from Cyanobacteria (TRUMAN_J22CASE)

Bacteria have an incredible capacity to produce natural products with exquisite bioactivities, which makes these compounds excellent candidates as medicines and agrochemicals. Read more

Evolution and engineering of non-ribosomal peptide synthetases (WILKINSON_J22DTP1)

The discovery & development of penicillin sparked ‘The Golden Age of Antibiotics’ which spanned the 1940’s to 1960’s when most major classes of antibiotics were discovered. Read more

Investigating the potential for re-emergence of wheat stem rust in a changing climate (SAUNDERS_J22DTP)

Wheat stem rust is a notoriously damaging disease of wheat and barley and occurs in most wheat growing areas worldwide. Today, in western Europe the stem rust pathogen, Puccinia graminis f. Read more

Developing Deep Learning Models And Tools To Score Plant Cell Death And Disease Lesion Severity (BANFIELD_J22DTP1)

Plant pathogens are a major threat to global crop production, incidence of crop disease is increasing, and global climate change and agriculture expands the geographical range of pathogens threatening food supply further. Read more

Engineering enhanced vitamin synthesis in bacteria (WARRENM_Q22CASE)

This project aims to apply synthetic biology and metabolic engineering strategies to one of the most complex biochemical pathways found in nature in order to address a current need for a cheaper and more reliable source of vitamin B12, the so-called anti-pernicious anaemia factor. Read more

Location location location - how genome position affects gene expression (WEBBER_Q22DTP)

Bacterial genomes have evolved over billions of year to allow efficient expression of the right genes at the right times. It has become clear that the same gene, placed in different locations around a bacterial chromosome can display very different levels of expression. Read more

Are bacteria building toxic biofilms in your gut? (NARBAD_Q22DTP2)

Think of a corroded pipe. Now think of an inflamed gut. These conditions may be caused by similar bacteria. Sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) are anaerobic bacteria, common in the environment and the gastrointestinal tract. Read more

Can we use bacteriocins to improve gut health? (NARBAD_Q22DTP1)

Many bacteria produce antimicrobial compounds to help them compete in mixed communities. Antimicrobial peptides called bacteriocins from food and dairy strains have already been exploited successfully to prevent food poisoning or mastitis. Read more

How do cells keep the pease? Resolving the conflict between DNA replication and transcription (NIEDUSZYNSKI_E22DTP)

At the heart of every cell a conflict is taking place, as the machinery of DNA replication and transcription clash. The conflict is over a specific sequence of DNA, which can only be engaged in either transcription or replication at any one time. Read more

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