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Humanities PhD Projects in Birmingham

We have 12 Humanities PhD Projects in Birmingham

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  ALTERUMMA - Creating an Alternative umma: Clerical Authority and Religio-political Mobilisation in Transnational Shii Islam
  Prof O Scharbrodt
Application Deadline: 3 June 2019
This interdisciplinary project investigates the transformation of Shii Islam in the Middle East and Europe since the 1950s. The project examines the formation of modern Shii communal identities and the role Shii clerical authorities and their transnational networks have played in their religio-political mobilisation.
  Validating Cenozoic records of deep-sea ostracod diversity
  Dr I Boomer
Applications accepted all year round
Ostracods are microscopic, bivalved crustaceans that have a long fossil record in marine and non-marine habitats. The existence of deep-sea ostracod assemblages in today’s oceans have been known since the 19th century Challenger expedition.
  Total Atmospheric Emissions from the Biosphere
  Dr W J Bloss, Dr L Kramer
Applications accepted all year round
The dominant source of hydrocarbons to the atmosphere is vegetation – biogenic volatile organic compounds or BVOCs. In the atmosphere, BVOCs undergo chemical processing, leading to the formation of secondary pollutants such as ozone and organic aerosol particles, affecting human and environmental health and climate.
  Political Emotions and BrExit [ political psychology European British politics
  Dr T Capelos
Applications accepted all year round
This project, designed collaboratively with Dr. Exadaktylos from the University of Surrey, investigates the role of emotionality in the context of political and public debates on Britain’s exit from the EU.
  Values and political orientations of India’s middle class [ political psychology international politics / development ]
  Dr T Capelos
Applications accepted all year round
With Dr. Ipshita Basu at Westminster University we are investigating the role of values and emotions as determinants of the political orientations of India’s middle class.
  Isotope-enabled climate modelling to better understand long-term rainfall dynamics in North Africa
  Dr P Hopcroft, Dr M Widmann, Dr G C LECKEBUSCH
Applications accepted all year round
Project highlights. Study climate in a region that is particularly vulnerable to future change. Use isotope-enabled and high-resolution climate model simulations to investigate how the Sahara became ‘Green’ 9000-4000 years ago.
  How will global crop production develop under climate change? Improving our predictive capability.
  Dr T Pugh, Prof M Tausz
Applications accepted all year round
Crop yields are highly sensitive to climate, with even relatively moderate climate change, such as that aimed for by the Paris agreement, placing future food security in doubt (Pugh et al., 2016).
  Holocene rapid climate change and vegetation response in Cappadocia, Turkey
  Dr W J Eastwood, Dr J P Sadler
Applications accepted all year round
Multi-proxy approaches to integrated regional studies of environmental variability during the late Glacial and Holocene can provide valuable insights into the ways that significant shifts in climate have affected natural ecosystems, landscapes and human activities over decadal, centennial and millennial timescales.
  The role of forest demography in controlling the terrestrial carbon sink
  Dr T Pugh, Dr T Matthews
Applications accepted all year round
Forest demography, that is the establishment and mortality rates of trees, and the structure of that vegetation within forests, is a fundamental factor underlying the function of a forest and the services it provides.
  Quantifying the role of forest disturbance regimes in macroecology and carbon cycling
  Dr T Pugh, Dr E Marais
Applications accepted all year round
big advances in assessing the frequency with which forests are impacted by large disturbances worldwide (Hansen et al., 2014), but in many ecosystems small-medium-sized disturbances may be much more important (Espirito-Santo et al., 2014).
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