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  PhD Studentship (Sponsored by Lloyds Register Foundation) - Structural Longevity for advanced marine vehicles in extreme environments
  Dr S Soua, Mr P Jamshidi, Ms S Walker
Applications accepted all year round
Background. To ensure safety of any engineering system so that human life is protected and the environment is safe it is logical to be able to define when it is operating outside of its design condition.
  Identifying the genetic determinants of translation rate in blood cells and characterising their relevance to human traits
  Dr E Turro, Dr W Astle, Dr M Frontini
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
The central dogma of molecular biology states that genetically encoded information flows from DNA to mRNA to protein. The flow from DNA to mRNA occurs through a process called transcription and the flow from mRNA to protein through a process called translation.
  Developing methods to estimate HIV incidence and evaluate the role of prevention interventions in controlling transmission
  Dr D DeAngelis, Dr A Presanis
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
The last two years have seen a sustained downturn in the number of new HIV diagnoses in Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in England for the first time in the epidemic’s history.
  Influenza transmission modelling with online model assessment, including detecting and accounting for conflicting evidence
  Dr A Presanis, Dr C Jackson, Dr D DeAngelis
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
For a fast-moving infectious disease such as influenza, whether seasonal or pandemic, or a newly emergent infectious disease, the ability to quickly evaluate the current spread of disease is crucial for understanding and forecasting the burden, particularly severe burden, on public health services such as GPs and hospitals.
  Statistical methods for integrating intermediate quantitative phenotypes in rare disease genetic association analysis
  Dr E Turro, Dr W Astle, Dr D Greene
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
Only half of the approximately 7,000 known rare heritable disorders of humans have an established molecular basis.
  Dynamic prediction of in-patient mortality based on electronic health record data: a comparison of landmarking and machine learning approaches
  Dr S Kiddle, Dr J Barrett
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
Background. There is great potential to use electronic health record (EHR) datasets to improve care of patients, as EHR are typically bigger, longer and more representative of the healthcare population than traditional research cohorts.
  Trajectories of modifiable risk factors and their influences on disease outcomes: using genetics in life course epidemiology
  Dr S Burgess, Dr J Barrett
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
Questions about how risk factors influence disease outcomes are fundamental to epidemiology. However, these questions are difficult to answer, as relevant data are usually observational, and thus associations are not necessarily a reliable guide for causal relationships.
  Dynamic risk prediction of cardiovascular disease using primary care data from New Zealand
  Dr J Barrett, Dr A Wood
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. National guidelines recommend reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease in high and medium-risk individuals through lifestyle advice and the prescription of lipid-lowering medication.
  Improving the robustness of mobile health trials through online false discovery rate control
  Dr D Roberston, Dr A Mander
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
With the widespread use of smartphones and wearable devices, mobile health (mHealth) technologies are increasingly being employed to deliver personalised and real-time health interventions.
  Statistical inference for response-adaptive clinical trials
  Dr D Roberston, Dr S Villar, Dr A Mander
Application Deadline: 3 January 2019
Clinical trials typically randomise patients to the different treatment arms using a fixed randomisation scheme, such as equal randomisation.
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