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We have 44 Communications Engineering PhD Research Projects

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Real-time radio channel prediction using machine learning accelerated GPU ray-launching

Understanding the radio frequency (RF) channel is essential for wireless communications. In complex, non-line of sight environments, such as dense urban, the RF propagation channel is dominated by multiple reflections, scattering and diffraction. Read more

3D printing of micro-features for high frequency RF applications

  Research Group: School of Mechanical Engineering
Applicants are invited to apply for a fully funded PhD programme to investigate additive manufacturing of micro-structures for high frequency RF applications. Read more

Applications of 5G based Passive Sensing

With the rise of “smart” devices and Internet of Things (IoT), modern and future wireless communication technologies, such as 5G, are moving to higher bands in the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum, previously reserved for sensing applications. Read more

Advanced Imaging algorithms for distributed spaceborne SAR

Usually, Synthetic Aperture Radars have been deployed on a single platform with the transmitter and the receiver co-located, thus providing a relatively simpler sensor configuration when compared with the case of distributed transmitters and receivers. Read more

Novel compression strategies for emerging visualisation modalities for smart cities and immersive environments

Neuromorphic vision sensors enable the acquisition of scenes with limited energy requirements and low data rate, only acquiring information on what changes in the scene, with a behaviour similar to the one of the human eye. Read more

Transmitter optimization techniques for physical layer security

Physical layer security has been recently recognized as a promising new design paradigm to provide security in wireless networks in addition to the existing conventional cryptographic methods, where physical layer dynamics of fading channels are exploited to establish secured wireless links. Read more

New continuous learning driven techniques for evolvable cross-layered autonomous networks

This PhD project will research into new technical innovations that can embrace today’s transfer machine learning advances into a process of designing and controlling cross-layered (i.e., PHY and MAC) networks with autonomous mobility nodes in a range of connected autonomous mobility applications. Read more

ML for energy efficient 6G networks

Nowadays, researchers have started to conceptualize 6G with the vision of connecting everything, transmission over mmWave and THz, and integrating sensing, communication, computation, and control functionalities. Read more

Intelligent UAV communications in 6G

Recent advances in manufacturing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) extended their durability and flight time. The researchers investigated the usage of UAVs in 5G as Users, relays and small cell base stations. Read more

Intelligent Medium Access Control for Underwater Acoustic Communication Networks

Most research in underwater acoustic communication deals with the physical layer, with primitive and inflexible multiple access, despite the medium access control layer playing a crucial role in providing efficient communication. Read more

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