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We have 18 Communications Engineering PhD Research Projects

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Real-time radio channel prediction using machine learning accelerated GPU ray-launching

Understanding the radio frequency (RF) channel is essential for wireless communications. In complex, non-line of sight environments, such as dense urban, the RF propagation channel is dominated by multiple reflections, scattering and diffraction. Read more

3D printing of micro-features for high frequency RF applications

  Research Group: School of Mechanical Engineering
Applicants are invited to apply for a fully funded PhD programme to investigate additive manufacturing of micro-structures for high frequency RF applications. Read more

Applications of 5G based Passive Sensing

With the rise of “smart” devices and Internet of Things (IoT), modern and future wireless communication technologies, such as 5G, are moving to higher bands in the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum, previously reserved for sensing applications. Read more

Advanced Imaging algorithms for distributed spaceborne SAR

Usually, Synthetic Aperture Radars have been deployed on a single platform with the transmitter and the receiver co-located, thus providing a relatively simpler sensor configuration when compared with the case of distributed transmitters and receivers. Read more

Enabling Broadband Access and Data Centre Networks using Optical Frequency Combs

The exponential growth in Data Centre (DC) and Access Network traffic over the past decade has been fuelled by new services and applications being employed by residential and business users. Read more

Advanced energy-efficient optical communication technology

The candidate will work on a cutting-edge optical communication technology focusing on energy efficiency and net-zero. There is a wide range of applications from Zero-energy Internet-of-Things to ultra-high-speed optical links for data centres. Read more

Semantic and Goal-oriented Communications in Sustainable 6G Networks: From Design to Implementation

Around 70 years ago, Shannon and Weaver have defined communications with three levels. (i) transmission of symbols (the technical problem); (ii) semantic exchange of transmitted symbols (the semantic problem); (iii) effect of semantic information exchange (the effectiveness problem). Read more

PhD on Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) for Remote Robots

Highly assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) technology makes feasible the opportunity for remote-operation of robots in real time, intuitively, and with the ability for tactile precision control at a distance. Read more

Comb Based Optical Communications

Please note this post may close earlier if a successful candidate is recruited. The Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AiPT) is delighted to offer a funded three-year PhD studentship in Comb Based Optical Communications. Read more

Target tracking and detection in complex clutter environments

The Microwave Integrated Systems Laboratory at the University of Birmingham is offering a PhD studentship with Thales UK as part of their recently awarded Industrial Cooperative Award in Science & Technology (iCASE). Read more

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