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Computer Architectures PhD Research Projects

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We have 39 Computer Architectures PhD Research Projects

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PhD Studentship - Multi-user Extended Reality (XR) Experience in Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage is arguably one of the leading sectors in digitalisation. The transformation of heritage assets into digital forms has widened the accessibility of people engaging with both tangible and intangible cultural heritages. Read more

PhD industrial studentship in Computing - Effective algorithm deployment to hardware with resource aware dynamic optimization

Overview. This PhD project is supported by ST Microelectronics, Europe’s leading chip and imaging sensor manufacturer. ST will provide additional funding for the project costs, including consumables, travel and additional living costs, hardware resources, training, and supervision. Read more

Integrating Sub-symbolic and Symbolic Reasoning for Value Alignment

An important long-term concern regarding the ethical impact of AI is the so called ‘value alignment problem’; that is, how to ensure that the decisions of autonomous AIs are aligned with human values. Read more
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Efficient use of shared memory in multiprocessor systems

Every modern computer uses hierarchical memory, be it a desktop or a supercomputer. A crucial characteristic of hierarchical memory is that for any two consecutive memory levels, one is small and fast, and another is large and slow. Read more

Approximate Computing for next-gen AI-specific Accelerators

Intelligent systems are pervading every aspect of modern society and their use has become essential in many industries, from big data to industry 4.0, from cloud computing to the Internet of Things, from smart cities to smart wearable devices. Read more

Compiler Construction for Digital Twin Simulations

System phantoms, digital twins, shadow systems. They go by different names but they share the same principle. let a machine simulate cyber-physical systems instead of observing the real world. Read more

PhD studentship in High-Performance Computation Tools for Advancing Quantum Computation

One fully funded, full-time PhD position to work with Dr Garcia-Patron Sanchez in the Quantum Informatics group at the School of Informatics, co-supervised by Dr Oliver Brown working at high-performance computing center EPCC, both University of Edinburgh. Read more

Enabling intermittent computing for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The project's vision is that the next generation of IoT systems will be completely autonomous, i.e., self-powered, able to harvest energy and adjust to environmental conditions, i.e., energy-aware, whilst surviving power outages, i.e., forward execution with no data loss. Read more

Development of Perovskite Solar Cells through 3D Printing

Perovskite solar cells (PSC) received massive attention due to the efficiency improvement from 3.8% to 25.5% within a decade. It has created notable industrial attention towards the large scale manufacturing of PSC. Read more

Novel Technologies for Cyber-Physical Security

Supervisory Team.   Prof. Vladimiro Sassone, Dr. Leonardo Aniello, Dr. Basel Halak. Project description. We are relying more and more on technology in our everyday life, which exposes us to several serious threats in the cyber-physical space. Read more

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