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Cold and controlled ion–radical reactions

Ions and radicals are abundant in complex gas-phase environments – they are present in the atmosphere, the interstellar medium, combustion environments, and plasmas. Read more

How do bacteria contribute to aggressive prostate cancer? – A joint lab/bioinformatics PhD studentship

Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second most common cancer in men worldwide and ~307,000 men die every year. We know that infectious agents, such as bacteria and viruses, are involved in the development of a variety of cancers such as cervical, stomach, and bladder cancer. Read more

Plant communities and climbers in degraded and regenerating forest landscapes of Borneo

Tropical forests are becoming increasingly fragmented as a result of land-use pressures. Due to different land-use histories, remnant forests are not created equal; some are more structurally intact than others and this can alter the capacity for a forest to naturally regenerate. Read more

The influence of groundwater and soil conditions on future flood risk of UK estuaries

The risk of flooding is changing worldwide, associated with population and socioeconomic growth, and climate change. Lowland catchments and estuaries are particularly vulnerable because of high land value and susceptibility to flooding from a combination of rivers, groundwater and the sea. Read more

Role of catchment properties in mediating the hydrological transition between droughts and floods

Droughts and floods represent the extreme end members of catchment hydrological conditions, and both have the potential to cause severe socioeconomic damage and loss of life in places where they occur. Read more

Exploiting big data to understand access to greenspace in the UK

Greenspaces provide incredible valuable benefits to people. For example, there are over 62,000 urban greenspaces in Great Britain, estimated to provide just over £130 billion to those living nearby. Read more

Cold blood in warming winters: physiological impacts of climate change on UK reptiles

Environmental change is causing temperatures to rise across the globe - how this will affect the distribution and abundance of species is therefore an important current focus for ecologists worldwide. Read more

Radar characterisation of volcanic plumes

Explosive eruptions can generate volcanic ash plumes that present a global hazard, and have led to welldocumented multi-billion dollar disruptions to international air transport. Read more

Plausible most extreme multi-hazard weather events

Loughborough University is a top-ten rated university in England for research intensity (REF2014). In choosing Loughborough for your research, you’ll work alongside academics who are leaders in their field. Read more

The role of the gut microbiome in mental health and well-being in University students

Many students experience the transition to University as a challenging time as they struggle to combine the intellectual challenges and increased workload with a more independent lifestyle. Read more

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