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We have 127 Data Science PhD Research Projects

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EPSRC/BAE Systems INDUSTRIAL CASE PhD Studentship: Mitigation of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms in Changing Environments

  Research Group: Alliance Manchester Business School
The development of (deep) Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithms to train agents within game environments is well known. Agent training is typically conducted against a known, simplified, or constrained environment. Read more

Improving Cyber Resilience of Cyber-Physical Systems by Dynamic Diversification

  Research Group: Cybersecurity, Privacy and HCC Research Section
The PhD studentship aims to explore the fundamental concept of dynamic diversification to improve resilience of cyber-physical systems against cyber-attacks. Read more

Reinforcement learning with application in optimal dividend problems with Parisian implementation delay

The success of the classical stochastic control theory in solving various optimal dividend problems heavily relies on the (theoretical) model assumptions which have brought significant restrictions to the application of the results to the industry practice. Read more

PhD Studentship - Multi-user Extended Reality (XR) Experience in Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage is arguably one of the leading sectors in digitalisation. The transformation of heritage assets into digital forms has widened the accessibility of people engaging with both tangible and intangible cultural heritages. Read more

PhD Studentship - Opportunistic constraint-aware continual machine learning

The undertaken research work is part of an EU project called ExtremeXP (Experiment driven and user experience-oriented analytics for extremely precise outcomes and decisions) under the direction of . Read more

PhD Scholarship in optimisation and deep learning theory and algorithms for computational imaging

The Biomedical and Astronomical Signal Processing group (. BASP. ) at Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh (. HWU. ), headed by Professor Yves Wiaux, jointly with Edinburgh's prestigious Centre for Doctoral Training on Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Computation. Read more

Examining the causes of health and social inequalities in psychiatric disorders: causal inference methods in epidemiology applied to longitudinal data

About the project. Severe mental illnesses (SMI) such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorders are more common in some groups of people, including those who live in urban areas, those who experience poverty, or several migrants and minority ethnic groups. Read more

Regulatory Compliance Framework for Trustworthy AI Medical Device Software (Reg-Fr-AIMs)

  Research Group: Regulated Software Research Group
Keywords; Medical device, Medical device software, Software process, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Process Assessment, Regulation. Read more

Health Data Visualisation

The School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews has a fully-funded scholarship available working with. Dr Areti Manataki. Read more

Extending the Expressivity of Automated Planning Languages

Background. Planning is a fundamental activity, impacting our daily lives in many and varied ways. The planning task consists of selecting a sequence of actions to achieve a specified goal from specified starting conditions. Read more

Novel tools for analysis of high-dimensional cytometry data - implications for cancer immunology and immunotherapy

The Systems Immunity Research Institute at Cardiff University is delighted to offer a full-time PhD studentship in Bioinformatics / Computational Biology funded by the Cardiff Cancer Research Hub for 3 years, starting on 1 April, 1 July or 1 October 2023 depending on the candidate's preference and availability. Read more
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Adaptive Natural Language Generation

Are you interested in the intersection of natural language processing and cognitive science, specifically large language models (LLMs) and natural language generation (NLG)? We are looking for a PhD student to work on using LLMs to generate more human-like texts that are adaptive, context-specific and audience-aware. Read more

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