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Determining favourable conservation status for the UK’s birds: creating population targets to conserve biodiversity

Background.  The conservation of species in the current biodiversity and climate change crises requires the setting of population targets for species of conservation concern, in order that actions can be taken to ensure and retain healthy populations. Read more

Stakeholders’ Perceived Experience for Re-Positioning the Urban Parks: Nudging for Voluntary Services and Greener Newcastle (Advert Reference: RDF22/BL/MOS/SHAMS)

Cities contribute significantly to climate change, with a major share of greenhouse gas emission originating from urban regions. Research on urban management and climate adaptation often fails to address different context-based challenges within the overall urban management dynamics (Kythreotis et al., 2020). Read more

Hindcasting faunal distributions in the Holocene to understand interactions between ancient societies, biodiversity and climate

BACKGROUND. Faced with the urgent challenge of predicting the consequences of current and future climate change, it is imperative that we seek to learn lessons about climate-animal-human relations from the long-term records available from the past. Read more

Moths in the Margins: Developing and Testing Tools to Determine the Protection Provided by Agricultural Field Margins

PhD opportunity based at the UK Centre for Ecology Lancaster with degree award from Cardiff University. This project will address the real-world challenge of optimising the effectiveness of pesticide-impact mitigation strategies in the field. Read more

Enhancing Urban Flood Resilience with Innovative Digital Design Technologies (Advert Reference: RDF22/EE/MCE/FENG)

In England, 3.2 million households are located in areas at risks of urban flooding, with annual damages exceeding £300 million. Due to the extreme environmental conditions, unprecedented downpours across the country in recent years further increases the flooding events on urban road network (URN). Read more

PhD Studentship in Ecology - Investigating the assembly of plant and animal communities following wildfire: an ecological network approach

Overview. Wildfire naturally drives biodiversity patterns globally through heterogeneous disturbance regimes (Kelly & Brotons 2017), but there is growing evidence that climate change (and a range of other factors) is increasing wildfire frequency and severity in many parts of the world (Flannigan et al. Read more

Memory in vegetation response to environmental fluctuations (Advert Reference: RDF22/EE/GES/LIU)

Plants live in and respond to fluctuating environments around them. Importantly, many plant responses are not only driven by current environmental conditions, but show “memory” to conditions in the past. Read more

Buildings, Waste Networks, and the Circular Economy (Advert Reference: RDF22/EE/GES/FORMAN)

Excessive waste is one of the key challenges of the Anthropocene and is inextricably linked to contemporary forms of Capitalism. To Capitalist economies, waste features as both anathema and existential requirement. Read more

PhD in Geographical and Earth Sciences: Scaling up Greening the Grey and Eco-engineering Science through partnership with coastal infrastructure asset managers: creating co-benefits for science and operational practice

Do you want to do cutting edge research that is also useful for improving ecosystem services in our coastal cities and towns? Are you interested in using marine ecology and coastal geomorphology science to enhance ecosystem services on coastal engineering assets? If yes, this project will hopefully excite and appeal to you!. Read more

Functional ecology of conodonts: roles and responses to ecosystem restructuring through the Palaeozoic

Project Highlights. Use cutting edge approaches to analyse conodont feeding mechanisms and interpret the conodont fossil record in terms of their functional ecology and differential evolutionary success and survival of ecological guilds. Read more

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