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We have 280 Engineering PhD Research Projects

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Improving photoacoustic imaging for CAR T-cell cancer therapy

This EPSRC iCase funded project builds on an existing collaboration between the University of Surrey (UoS), the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), to develop photoacoustic imaging to assist the optimisation of CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) T-cell cancer therapy. Read more

Non-invasive phenotyping of muscle function using multi-nuclear MR

Commercial partner. RAPID Biomedical GmbH. , Rimpar, Germany. Breathlessness, fatigue on exertion and exercise intolerance are common features of obesity, type II diabetes and heart failure. Read more

Research Studentship in Digital Humanities

Research Studentship in Digital Humanities . 4-year (45 + 3 mo.) DPhil studentship . Project. Application of computational approaches in addressing problematic terminology within V&A Museum catalogues. Read more

Engineering skeletal muscle using a humanoid bioreactor platform

Commercial partner: . Devanthro GmbH. , Munich, Germany. Skeletal muscle is the largest organ system in the body by mass and is necessary to generate forces for movement and locomotion. Read more

Instrumenting Surgical Tools for Intraoperative Assessment of Bone Mechanical Properties

Commercial partner: . Stryker. , Cork, Ireland. Bones are complex organs and their ability to withstand mechanical forces depends on a complex interplay of structural, architectural, and material properties. Read more

Development of an automated CT-brain analysis tool

Commercial partner: . Brainomix. , Oxford. Background. CT-brain imaging is the standard brain imaging modality used in the NHS and globally and is cheaper and better tolerated than MRI particularly in older, frail, multimorbid patients in whom MRI may be contraindicated. Read more

Development of Methods to Assess Intracranial Vessel Stiffness as a Measure of Vascular Disease

Commercial partner: . Siemens Healthcare Ltd (part of Siemens Healthineers). , Camberley. Vascular disease is a major cause of mortality and morbidity, leading to pathologies across many organ systems. Read more

Highly Accelerated Magnetic Resonance Angiography using Deep Learning

Commercial partner: . Siemens Healthcare Ltd (part of Siemens Healthineers). , Camberley. Imaging of the blood vessels (angiography) is particularly important in the brain, where disturbances in blood supply and haemorrhage have severe consequences. Read more

Research Assistant (PhD) in Subcellular imaging Tools Development

KaHo Leung Group. at. Clarkson University. is an interdisciplinary research team. Using the principles and techniques of Nanotechnology, Chemical Biology and Bioanalytical Chemistry, we develop nanodevices to image specific cellular organelles and elucidate their biological function. Read more

Nano2H2: Nano-electrocatalysts for sustainable hydrogen production from bio-resources

Highly motivated individual with a first class or high second-class honours degree/ masters in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science/engineering or a related discipline is required to work in the project entitled Nano2H. Read more

PhD in Numerical Analysis of PDEs

One PhD project are available to work on the numerical analysis of nonlinear multiphysics problems, focusing on novel discretisations (hybrid, virtual, mixed). Read more

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