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Topology of fine-scale bubble-induced turbulence

This project seeks motivated candidates that wish to do ground-breaking research on the turbulence of bubble flows. We know that turbulence in multiphase flows has very different features from the ones we find in single phase fluids. Read more

Transdisciplinary Engineering Design Processes

Engineering underpins the design of all products, processes and systems. Design processes, which ultimately govern decisions made during the design and manufacturing process, in turn have huge social, economic and environment global impacts. Read more

Understanding eye-hand coordination in object interception - a computational modelling approach

This PhD project with Dr Yeo will focus on understanding how we perform interception. Interceptive movements--such as catching a gently thrown ball, quickly grabbing a tilting cup to avoid spilling or even just handshaking someone--feel like trivial everyday tasks for us that seemingly look too simple to study. Read more

Understanding next generation bio-materials to improve healing

Successful healing and tissue regeneration, following trauma, is essential to maintaining correct bodily functions - whether this is in the eye, skin or internally, such as cartilage defects. Read more

Creating hair-protein materials via a self-assembly mesophase approach

This is your chance to work with world-leading fibre scientists from AgResearch and bio-based material engineers from the University of Canterbury’s Biomolecular Interaction Centre through a Wool Industry Charitable Trust PhD Scholarship where you will have a unique opportunity to enhance your skill set. Read more

Intelligent Structures for Low Noise Environments

Supervisory Team:  Dr Jordan Cheer and Prof Steve Daley. Project description. A fully funded industrial studentship is available for a student with high potential to conduct their PhD as part of the. Read more

Development of manufacturing methods for scale up of novel structural battery architectures.

Current structural batteries research, as part of ongoing AAPS/GKN PhD projects, has identified that current state of the art carbon fibre structural battery architectures need to be revised as using a layered approach places too much physical distance between anode and cathode which slows ion transfer and reduces battery performance. Read more

Lightweight Acoustic Meta-Partitions for Low-Frequency Noise Control

Supervisory Team.   Dr Felix Langfeldt; Dr Jordan Cheer. Project description. Be a part of a new and exciting field emerging within Acoustical Engineering and contribute to making our world less noisy and more sustainable!. Read more

PhD Studentship: Royal Society Funded Studentship on Insect Biomechanics

The University of Lincoln is offering one fully funded PhD studentship in connection to a four-year Royal Society funded project on the biomechanics of small jumping insects. Read more

CoMoBio: Computational modelling of the formation of biofilm microbial systems

Interdisciplinary PhD opportunity for computational modelling of the formation of biofilm microbial systems. Biofilms are complex communities of bacteria that adhere to a surface, and they are the oldest form of life recorded on this planet. Read more

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