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We have 1,977 Engineering PhD Research Projects

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Neural Architecture Search and Analysis: Robustness and Sparsity

This project aims to study deep neural networks behaviours against clean and adversarial datasets. In addition, projects will investigate different types of attacks on deep neural networks and study the potentiality of making neural robust against these attacks. Read more

Digital approach to mental wellbeing and occupational safety in smart factory environment

As the level of automation on factory floor is allowing more collaborative robotics, making human presence as more interactive with smart machine systems, it is important to focus on occupational health and mental safety. Read more

DTA - Immiscibility and phase separation mechanisms in perovskite solid solutions

Perovskite compounds are key minerals in Earth Sciences and form the basis for numerous functional materials with applications in solar-cells, piezoelectric transducers, thermoelectrics, solid electrolytes and superconductors. Read more

Understanding the type, distribution and mechanical properties of interfaces in geological systems

Funding and Deadline. To be eligible for support, applicants must be “UK Residents” as defined by the EPSRC1. The studentship is for 3.5 years starting in October 2022 and will provide full coverage of standard tuition fees and an annual tax-free stipend of approximately £17,609. Read more

Exploring reactions under stress in the mantle using mineral analogues

Convection in the Earth’s mantle controls Earth evolution. Different mineral assemblages occur at different depths in the mantle and variations over short distances are detectable as seismic discontinuities, thus providing key information on mantle conditions. Read more

Mixed Reality Production for Optimal User's Quality of Experience in Digital Arts

Applications are invited for an interdisciplinary PhD studentship(s) for the project “Mixed Reality Production for Optimal User’s Quality of Experience in Digital Arts”, effective 1st of April 2022. Read more

Heavy fermion thin films

The project. Bulk crystals can display heavy fermion behaviour, where the effective mass of mobile carriers can be up to 1000 times larger than the bare electron mass due to electron-electron interactions. Read more

The fabrication and application of high temperature materials using acoustic levitation

The project. The fabrication and application of high temperature materials using acoustic levitation. Glasses are used in a wide range of technological applications for example, in windows, fibre optic cables, lasers and sensors. Read more

From maximal to minimal dissipation. A new paradigm in superconductivity

The project. A new class of superconducting materials has emerged that host a metallic (resistive) state that fails to conform to the standard models of metallic behaviour, displaying strong signatures of incoherent transport. Read more

Electrodeposited nano-structured coatings for nuclear industry applications

The project. Electrodeposition can deliver high quality nano-structured coatings at very low cost. It operates at ambient temperatures and pressures, and has the further advantage that it can coat components with complex geometries, because deposition takes place wherever the surface is exposed to electrolyte. Read more

Record Superconductivity in Hydrogen Compounds

The project. Understanding high-temperature superconductivity in hydride compounds is of great importance to fundamental research and may lead to new applications. Read more

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