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We have 73 Evolution PhD Research Projects

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Flying underwater: multidisciplinary approaches to understanding the swimming dynamics of penguins

Penguins are highly adapted for both efficient cruising and rapid manoeuvring during underwater locomotion. From a biomechanical perspective some progress has been made into understanding the fluid dynamics surrounding their morphology, including the potential role of bubbles in reducing drag. Read more

Development and Evolution of Shapes: Investigating the genetic pathways governing the leaf shape in Arabidopsis

The shapes and sizes of organisms and organs are scrupulously conserved within a species. What regulates the shapes and sizes of organisms and their lateral organs are intriguing and fundamental questions in Biology. Read more

Epigenetic mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity and the evolution of adaptive responses

We now live in a world of rapidly changing environmental conditions where species will need to adapt or perish. While populations may evolve in response to environmental change, more rapid responses may happen through processes like phenotypic plasticity. Read more

Understanding Life in the Freezer: locomotor performance as the key to understanding the possible influences of climate change in high Arctic species

Scientific research has focused on the Arctic recently as this region is at high risk from the effects of climate change. Animal energy budgets are linked to species survival and are composed of various factors including the cost of locomotion. Read more

Combining Synthetic Biology and Modelling to Understand and Predict Evolution

Mutations, and their effects on organismal fitness, lie at the heart of understanding and predicting evolution. Because of its central role in determining evolutionary outcomes, much experimental and theoretical effort has been put into describing the fitness effects of mutations. Read more

Using CRISPR single-cell genomic screens to understand neurodevelopmental disorders

PhD position is available for a highly motivated trainee in the field of Computational Biology/ Bioinformatics at Neurotranscriptomics Laboratory within the EMBL Australia and Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney. Read more

The genomic basis of obligate ant/plant symbioses

I am seeking a highly motivated PhD student to join this exciting project on the genomics of mutualism dependence using ant/plant symbioses as model systems. Read more

Investigating Noise in Ageing Cellular Power Stations

PhD Project. Imperial College Mathematics. Student Background. Theoretical Physics, Mathematics/Statistics, Electrical Engineering (Biological knowledge not required) or Quantitative Biology with an interest in experiment. Read more

Funded PhD studentship in microbial ecology and evolution: Unravelling the ecology and evolution of abundant but unexplored microbes

Unravelling the ecology and evolution of abundant but unexplored microbes. A 4-year PhD studentship in microbial ecology, starting in October 2021 or in February 2022, is now open for application at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Read more

Untangling the evolutionary interplay between infectious disease and dietary deficiency with ancient genomes

Infectious disease and dietary deficiency are two of the greatest drivers of adaptive evolution in modern human populations. These pressures have intensified since the onset of agriculture and often underlie acute episodes of population collapse, e.g. Read more

Male-male competition vs female choice: same-same or something different?

  Research Group: Centre for Evolutionary Biology
We are looking for a talented student to conduct their PhD on sexual selection in Drosophila. Typically, males compete with one another for access to females, and females choose their preferred suitor among competing males. Read more

Experimental approaches to the evolution of anisogamy in a single celled alga

  Research Group: Centre for Evolutionary Biology
We are looking for a talented student to conduct their PhD on the evolutionary biology of anisogamy. Anisogamy is the difference in size between male and female gametes and is the driver of sexual selection and the evolution of the sexes. Read more

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