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We have 216 General (Engineering) PhD Research Projects

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Reinforcement learning for flexible task learning on manufacturing robots.

Natural cognition provides us a lot of food for thought in creating resilient and robust artificial intelligent systems. One of the paradigms that have been created by the machine learning community is the Reinforcement Learning paradigm. Read more

Adaptation strategies against progressing anoxia in lakes

Oxygen is a fundamental water quality parameter; depletions in oxygen will affect fish habitat and increase anoxia promoting internal release of nutrients and heavy metals from lake sediment. Read more

Sustainable synthesis of nanoparticles in microfluidic devices

Nanotechnology and nanomaterials have greatly impacted the world of science and engineering. The last decades we have witnessed revolutionary developments that unlocked numerous applications in fields like medicine, electronics, aerospace, energy storage and automotive. Read more

Trusted Deep Learning For Multi-Domain Engineering Systems

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been shown by our research team and the wider research community to be very powerful in predicting complex machine behaviour and consequently diagnose their health. Read more

Materials and Methods for 3D Concrete Printing

3D concrete printing provides unprecedented opportunities for enhancing material efficiency in concrete construction industry where significant changes are required in contemporary technologies in order to achieve the required carbon reduction targets and to ensure a sustainable construction industry. Read more

Design and development of reliable electrode for high-performance hydrogen production under fluctuating power supply (Advert Reference: RDFC21-R/EE/MCE/XUBen)

A key priority for the UK economy is the development of high-value and specialist manufacturing, especially in renewable energy, which strategically aligns to the UK’s commitment to the Net Zero, underpinned by research that is inherently multidisciplinary and disruptive. Read more

Colloidal Semiconductors for Photonics

Photonics is the technology of light. materials, devices and systems that create, transport, control and detect photons in order to realise advanced functions. Read more

Photonic Technologies for Ultrafast Neuromorphic Information Processing

The human brain is exceptional at performing fast and efficiently, highly complex tasks such as recognising patterns or faces. Hence, neuromorphic (brain-like) computing approaches are the subject of increasing research interest for use in Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms. Read more

Visible light photonic circuits for quantum technology applications

Quantum states of light such as single photons and entangled photon pairs play a fundamental role in many quantum technology applications, ranging from quantum imaging and metrology to quantum information processing. Read more

Novel Methods for Rotorcraft Engine Propulsion Integration PhD

Introduction . Cranfield University has been at the forefront of rotorcraft research for the last 13 years, having an established track record on rotorcraft modelling, performance, and propulsion integration. Read more

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