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We have 49 Information Science PhD Research Projects

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Behaviour change to increase Open Science

‘Open Science’ refers to concepts of openness, transparency and reproducibility in research, seeking to make research more reproducible by other researchers and to open up research beyond the ‘ivory towers’ of academia. Read more

Making Security Sustainable

Aims. Propose and develop methods that help make security more sustainable. Background. Currently, when we think of sustainability in security today, models such as “planned obsolescence” and “security as a service” may spring to mind. Read more

Chaos-based Multimedia Encryption and Watermarking Schemes

For two decades, numerous researchers have reported a close relationship between chaos and cryptography. Encryption based on chaos theory (for example logistic and tent maps) has several characteristics such as pseudo randomness, ergodicity and strong dependence on initial conditions etc. Read more

Security-Aware Safety Monitoring of IoT-enabled Smart Environment

  Research Group: Applied Computing
Internet of Things (IoT) is a promising networking paradigm that integrates physical processes with the cyber world to provide useful services. Read more

Security Assurance of Operational Technology

Applications are invited for a Research Studentship (PhD) to carry out research within the School of Computing and Digital Media at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, under the supervision of Dr Andrei Petrovski and his team. Read more

Machine learning for video quality evaluation

With the recent increased usage of video services, the focus has recently shifted from traditional Quality of Service (QoS) based video delivery to Quality of Experience (QoE) based video delivery. Read more

Inflammatory Arthritis in Childhood: Impact, Outcomes and Safety of Treatment

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis is the most common inflammatory arthritis of childhood. Although less common than arthritis in adults, a diagnosis of arthritis in a child can have lasting impacts on that child and their families through their entire lifespan. Read more

Biomedical knowledge discovery and triangulation using natural language processing

We are offering an exciting data science project for potential PhD students interested in developing and applying artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of population health. Read more

Explainable AI: Making Machine/Deep Learning models explainable

Traditional Artificial Intelligence(AI) technologies such as Machine/Deep learning used in developing intelligent/smart solutions largely rely on utilising best representative test datasets and features engineering and less on the available domain expertise. Read more

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Biomedical Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the leading edge approaches to data driven problems across all areas of life, technology and sciences. Read more

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