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Environmental Chemistry PhD Projects in Leicester

We have 18 Environmental Chemistry PhD Projects in Leicester

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  Development of Novel Wastewater Analysis Instrumentation
  Dr P Webb
Application Deadline: 28 January 2019
Reference number. WS15. Start date of studentship. 1st October 2019. Closing date of advert. 28th January 2019. Interview date. TBC.
  Next Generation LA-ICP-MS Geoscience:
  Dr A Managh, Dr M Horstwood
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Application details. Reference number. CENTA18-LU9. Start date. October 1st 2019. Closing date. January 21st 2019. Interview date.
  Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Extensive Agriculture in the Indio-Gangetic Plain
  Dr H Boesch, Dr H Sembhi
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Agriculture is the world’s second-largest emitter of damaging greenhouse gases (GHG) after the energy sector. The future growth of the global population will result in additional pressures on the agricultural sector to secure food production whilst aiming to reduce GHG emissions.
  Improved driving-scenario-based inventories for real world tailpipe emissions from contemporary vehicles
  Dr J Vande Hey, Dr A Spencer
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Air pollution is a major problem globally, with ambient (outdoor) air pollution estimated by the World Health Organisation to cause 4.2 million premature deaths per year.
  Solar energy input from the Earth’s magnetosphere to its atmosphere
  Dr D Wright, Prof T Yeoman
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
The interaction between the Sun’s and the Earth’s plasma environments is very dynamic and one of societal and commercial importance.
  Space-based solutions to air pollution in the UK
  Dr E Marais, Prof P Monks
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Air pollution is the largest global threat to health (Lancet, 2017). In the UK, about 40,000 people die prematurely each year due to exposure to air pollution (RCP, 2016) and UK health care costs due to air pollution may be as high as £160 million per year (PHE, 2018).
  The elusive BVOC: mapping atmospheric isoprene from space
  Dr J Harrison, Dr M Barkley
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
It is well established that terrestrial vegetation emits a diverse range of reactive biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) into the atmosphere, which serve important roles in the biosphere, influencing global atmospheric chemistry and affecting climate.
  3D quantitative analysis of textures in palaeobiology: environments, taphonomy and exceptional preservation
  Prof M Purnell, Prof S E Gabbott
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
The roughness or texture of surfaces is intuitively obvious and, at a course scale, easily discernible through touch and sight. We can see and feel that some bedding surfaces are rougher than others, or that some parts of an exceptionally preserved fossils appear smoother than the matrix, or other parts of the fossil.
  Carbon Down the Drain: Controls on DOC production and transport in oil palm plantations and forests on tropical peatland
  Prof S Page, Dr M Whelan
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Tropical peatlands are dense, long-term stores of carbon (C) that are vital components of global C soil-atmosphere exchange processes.
  Downstream dispersal and transfer of macroplastics in river systems: a travel distance approach
  Dr M Powell, Prof S E Gabbott
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Environmental pollution by synthetic polymers (plastics) is a global problem that severely impacts ecosystem form and function, human health, natural resource management and environmental aesthetics.
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