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Statistics PhD Projects in Leicester

We have 11 Statistics PhD Projects in Leicester

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  New ways to deal with selection bias in genetic studies of disease progression
  Prof F Dudbridge, Prof L Wain, Prof Gisli Jenkins
Application Deadline: 6 May 2019
In this project you will develop and apply new statistical methods to identify which genes affect survival time with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and which genes affect growth rates of abdominal aortic aneurysms.
  Early life exposure to environmental noise and air pollution and cardiovascular and cognitive outcomes in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Children and Parents (ALSPAC) cohort
  Prof A Hansell, Prof J Gulliver
Application Deadline: 6 May 2019
MRC-funded IMPACT (Integrated Midlands Partnership for Biomedical Training) CASE Doctoral Training Partnership 3.5 Year PhD Studentship available for September 2019.
  Network interactions shape the circadian clock in Drosophila melanogaster
  Dr E Rosato, Prof C P Kyriacou
Application Deadline: 5 May 2019
The circadian clock is an endogenous mechanism that synchronizes almost all behaviour and physiology with the Earth’s 24 hour environmental cycles.
  What’s the Matter with Walruses?
  Dr T Shendruk
Applications accepted all year round
Walruses, the tusked and massive marine mammals, spend much of their time resting on polar sea ice, but when that ice recedes in the summer months, they must find shore.
  Microbial Micro-Engineers
  Dr M Mazza
Applications accepted all year round
Microorganisms occupy every crevice within global ecosystems and impact all aspects of life. However, too little is understood about their movement within physical crannies, and how they can restructure these microspaces for their own benefit.
  Liquid crystal microfluidics
  Dr M Mazza, Dr T Shendruk
Application Deadline: 1 June 2019
Liquid crystals (LCs) have been a source of fascinatingly abundant physics for more than a century. Because of their capacity to reorient, also in response to external fields, LCs are used in a wide range of applications.
  Growth of a bacterial biofilm
  Dr M Mazza
Application Deadline: 1 June 2019
The vast majority of living organisms are microorganisms such as bacteria and archaea. We now know that most microorganisms do not live in the planktonic state, but rather in organized communities called biofilms.
  Adding a New Layer to Biophysics
  Dr T Shendruk
Applications accepted all year round
In recent years, there has been an explosion in applying liquid crystal theory to biological systems. Dense suspensions of swimming microbes, cytoskeletal components, fibrous tissues and bacterial colonies all exhibit properties associated with nematic liquid crystals.
  PhD Studentship: Power measurement in cycling
  Dr J Roberts
Application Deadline: 22 April 2019
Application details. Reference number. WATT19. Start date. 1 July 2019. Closing date. 22 April 2019. Supervisors. Primary supervisor.
  Can we use routinely collected primary care medical records to assess and explain variations in amputation rates across the UK?
  Prof L Gray, Prof R Sayers
Applications accepted all year round
Using routinely collected data to look at rates of amputation requires amputation to be recorded to a high standard in medical records.
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