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We have 309 Mathematics PhD Research Projects

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Tracking, modelling, simulation and control of evolving interfaces

Tracking, modelling, numerical simulation and the control of dynamic interfaces between two or more domains still pose significant challenge to researchers in a variety of engineering, physical and biological fields including material science (crystal growth, etching, deposition), fluid mechanics (multiphase flows), atmospheric sciences, combustion, computer vision, etc. Read more

Boundary stabilization of fluid flows

The latest developments in complex sensing and actuation systems for fluid flow applications coupled with the availability of high-performance embedded computational platforms, which can deliver over a hundred-gigaflop performance rates, has made it feasible to develop advanced boundary control systems for fluid flow applications. Read more

Space Weather Forecast

The term 'Space Weather' refers to the conditions of environment in the vicinity of the Earth and to processes that may initiate far away (for example at the Sun) but can affect the geospace environment. Read more

Jupiter Plasma Environment

It is currently accepted that majority of visible matter in the Universe is in the state of plasma. However, with our present level of technology only the plasma within the solar system can be subjected to in-situ measurements by spacecraft. Read more

Dynamical Processes in the Geo-space Plasma

The terrestrial magnetosphere is formed as a result of the interaction between the magnetic field of the Earth and the solar wind (quasineutral flow of electrons and ions from the Sun). Read more

Design of experiments for network science

The successful applicants will join the internationally recognised researchers in the Department of Mathematics. This exciting research project is focused on extending statistical theory, algorithms and tools to allow experimental design on a connected world. Read more

A sustainability analysis of airports

Airport expansion is often cited as a key enabler for commercial activity and national or regional economic prosperity, whether in the developed or developing nations. Read more

Deep Learning for Inverse Scattering Problems

This research project is focused on objects that scatter fields. The field may be electromagnetic, acoustic or elastic. When an incident probing field is launched into a medium that contains an object, that object will disturb the field and scatter it. Read more

Real-time visual and haptic feedback of grasping movements in virtual reality

The aims of this project are to understand how the brain integrates vision and touch to control hand movements, and to explore haptic control of hand movements using virtual reality technology. Read more

Automatic Privacy Management Based on Dynamic Consent

Within EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), consent constitutes one of the six possible legal grounds for lawfully processing personal data, and it is also the one found most confusing. Read more

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