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We have 1,329 Maths & Computing PhD Research Projects

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Autonomous swarms for digitising manufacturing activities

Swarm algorithms offer a number of promises in the form of multiple agents working together to achieve a task, robustness against disturbances and multiple sensing agents to digitise the environment to mention a few. Read more

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Manufacturing

Manufacturing processes potentially generate a lot of data during the manufacture of a product. In most plants, data is either not collected or if collected, there is lack of knowledge on how to derive insights from the data collected. Read more

Molecular simulation of adsorbents for air separation

Efficient production of oxygen from air is key in many technologies. In this project we aim to explore the potential of novel adsorbents for air separation where different regeneration approaches are considered. Read more

Evolution in manufacturing and fabrication

  Research Group: Intelligent Systems and Nanoscience
Although artificial evolution has been considered for the optimisation of diverse problems for many years, its application to real-world designs almost always demands a multi-optimisation approach. Read more

Autonomous Robot Evolution

  Research Group: Intelligent Systems and Nanoscience
This research will investigate the long-term vision of a technology enabling the evolution of entire autonomous robotic ecosystems that live and work… Read more

“Developing Artificial Intelligence Models to Read Electrocardiograms and Predict the Risk of Stroke and Heart failure”

Project description. Undetected atrial fibrillation (AF) is a major health concern with life-threatening complications. Earlier AF diagnosis can only be achieved by more sensitive diagnostic modalities, especially by those employed as screening tools. Read more

Modelling Soil-Nutrient-Crop Interaction

Interaction between soil-plants and nutrients is very complex as there clearly influence the physical and chemical processes involved such as water and nutrient flow, fate of nutrients in soil, nutrient uptake processes, change of chemical properties of soils. Read more

Dark Matter Search with ADMX and the Quantum Sensors for the Hidden Sector Collaboration.

  Research Group: Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics
This Ph.D. project involves searches for hidden sector dark matter, including QCD axions and axion like particles (ALPs). Our group at Sheffield leads the 'Quantum Sensors for the Hidden Sector' collaboration, and collaborates with the Axion Dark Matter Experiment (ADMX) collaboration in the USA. Read more

How observers could represent a 3D space

Currently, we have very little idea about how the human brain represents 3D space. This is a particularly difficult problem when you consider how much the retinal image changes as people move their head and eyes. Read more

Analysis of pathogen determinants recognized by the hypervariable immune receptor Dscam

Background. To mount an immune response, host organisms must first recognize the pathogen with which they are infected. The first line of defense against pathogen infection in animals is provided through the innate immune response. Read more

Design principles for active solids

Soft materials surround us and compose us. Biological functions rely on active components embedded in soft biological matter. For example, muscles move because molecular motors convert chemical energy into work. Read more

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