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We have 70 Psychology PhD Research Projects

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Police brutality as a public health concern

The PhD student will investigate how the prevalence and threat of police brutality results in negative health consequences for racially minoritised persons. Read more

Spirituality and Health

Students interested in this PhD opportunity would want to explore any aspects of spirituality and how it is addressed or not addressed in healthcare. Read more

A network approach to bipolar disorder: developing a network analysis of the relationship between depression and mania

Project description. Abstract. Bipolar disorder is a severe but complex condition, which may not be entirely separate from the other psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia (Tamminga et al., 2014). Read more

Adolescent anxiety - Approach and avoidance

Adolescence does not end until one’s mid-twenties, it is a prolonged period of change both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, it is also a period associated with high levels of anxiety and risk for developing anxiety disorders. Read more

Analysing Big Data to Understand Learning

I have access to large existing data sets which contain the potential to show skill development on real-world tasks for large numbers of people (i.e. Read more

Developing a Practice Research Network (PRN) for Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) concerning the treatment of Personality Disorder

Cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) is a brief integrative psychotherapy developed for use in the public sector. CAT is practised around the world and is used primarily to treat complex mental health disorders in Secondary Care settings. Read more

Early engagement processes in psychological treatments for depression

There is evidence that psychological therapies are effective for the treatment of depression. However, not all patients benefit and many patients do not complete their full course of treatment, with the likelihood that their outcomes will be poorer than for those who have completed therapy. Read more

Effects of playing action videogames on cognitive performance

Previous research suggests that playing action videogames, especially first-person shooters, has beneficial effects on different mechanisms of attention such as attention to time, space, and objects (Bavelier & Green, 2019). Read more

Efficient coding in touch: Exploring cortical feature tuning in the somatosensory system through the lens of efficient coding

Efficient coding models can successfully explain the emergence of different features detectors along the visual pathway, such as center-surround receptive fields, simple and complex cells, and even higher-level visual neurons. Read more

Examining the extent to which planning moderates intention-behaviour relations for various health-related behaviours

Intention is the most proximal determinant of future behaviour in many models of health behaviour. However, there is a less-than-perfect relationship between people’s intention and their behaviour – the “intention-behaviour gap”. Read more

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