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PhD Research Projects for Self-funded Students

We have 4,734 PhD Research Projects for Self-funded Students

Programming Colloidal Self-Assembly for Advanced Materials

A PhD place is available with Dr Dwaipayan Chakrabarti in the School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham on a project themed on designing and developing colloidal advanced materials, using high-performance computing, underpinned by theories of statistical mechanics and wave propagation in periodic structures. Read more

Discovering off-target side-effects and drug repurposing candidates using expression perturbation data

The MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol is the leading group for the development and application of causal analysis and evidence triangulation in health research to improve lives. Read more

Self-funded PhD- New directions in the psychology of gambling

I am an experienced gambling research and am able to supervise projects in any area of the psychology of gambling. Projects could use a number of potential methodologies, including quantitative (online surveys, online experiments, large naturalistic datasets) or qualitative (content analysis, thematic analysis). Read more

Healable Polymer Materials

The past four decades of science have witnessed how chemists have learnt from nature, in part by trial and error as well as elegant design, to understand and master the use of weak non-covalent interactions and self-assembly processes in synthetic systems to realise complex multi-component assemblies that exhibit attractive functionalities. Read more

PhD in Physical Chemistry: Uncovering structure in the next generation of sustainable batteries

We have a vacancy for a PhD student working in the area of physical chemistry. While lithium dominates current battery technology, there is considerable drive to move away from lithium salts to more abundant or lower cost alternatives. Read more

International law and the fight against wildlife crime: challenges and perspectives

Wildlife crime is one of the fastest growing transnational crimes in the world generating up to USD 20 billion per year according to INTERPOL behind drug trafficking, human trafficking and illicit trade in weapons. Read more

PhD studentship in Organic/Supramolecular Chemistry

A fully funded PhD position (tuition fees and stipend) is available in the group of Dr James Cooper ( at the University of Reading. Read more

Theremoelectric Nanomaterials for Energy Recovery

Thermoelectric materials offer the unique capability to convert waste heat directly into electrical energy. Efficiency is related to a figure of merit (ZT S2sT/k), that is determined by the Seebeck coefficient (S), electrical conductivity (s) and thermal conductivity (k). Read more

EPSRC iCASE PhD Studentship in Quantum sensors: Low Frequency Rydberg Atom Sensor

Radio Frequency (RF) sensors based on highly-excited ‘Rydberg’ atoms offer unique capabilities. Atoms are intrinsically calibrated, and their properties are universal, so measurements should be reliable and repeatable. Read more

PhD in Computing Science - Agility in IT practice

This funded studentship is focussed on agility in software engineering. Your application can be about any aspect of IT agility related to one of our four research themes. Read more

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