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We have 210 Software Engineering PhD Research Projects

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Autonomous AI-driven cell-free 5G network architecture for highly dynamic and ultra-dense connectivity

The purpose of this research is to develop a mobile network that does not have fixed cellular boundaries. In conventional cellular networks, each user equipment (UE) is connected to the access point (AP) in only one of the many cells (except during handover). Read more

Virtual Human-Robot Collaboration

The aim of this project is to develop an immersive human-robot collaboration testing environment using virtual reality tools, such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and VR CAVEs. Read more

Digitisation, Simulation Modelling and Optimisation of Skill-intensive Manufacturing Processes

The focus of this project is to develop and demonstrate, in a realistic factory environment, highly automated and flexible manufacturing solutions that deliver a step increase in productivity of high-value manufacturing and assembly. Read more

Device-aware Security Solution for Critical Infrastructure

The trade-off between the IoT device's ability to perform its tasks and the required built-in security protection will be an important challenge, especially when considering the power and/or computing constraints. Read more

Autonomous history-aware decision-making with explanation and reasoning capabilities

There is growing interest towards the application of ML-based learning for self-adaptation. However, the self-* property “self-explanation” of self-adaptive and autonomous systems (SAS) has been neglected. Read more

Exploring the potential of human-like computing applications for education or healthcare

Intelligent ‘human-like’ and emotionally intelligent applications, such as 3D games and mobile phone applications are becoming more common in our everyday lives, and also as an important area of focus within the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia research. Read more

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Games for health, life and accessibility

Artificial Intelligence, games, intelligent and interactive applications are becoming more integrated in our everyday lives, as well as becoming important areas of focus within the fields of Creative Computing, Digital Media, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction research. Read more

Innovation inspired by disability

Many mainstream innovations were initially a specialised solution for disabled people, i.e. remote control. This PhD study will investigate innovation inspired by disability and develop relevant design heuristics. Read more

Human Motion Analysis using Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Analysis of human motion is implicitly or explicitly required in many areas such as healthcare, sports, video surveillance, body-based user interfaces and computer games and animation. Read more

Deep Learning based Computer Graphics for Creating Virtual Characters

This project aims at modelling human motion and body/facial shape data with deep neural network to synthesize virtual characters for computer graphics, animation and games. Read more

Intelligent and Efficient Testing and Verification of Deep Neural Networks

Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have demonstrated human-level capabilities in several challenging machine learning tasks including image classification, natural language processing and speech recognition. Read more

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