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Structural Chemistry PhD Research Projects

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We have 51 Structural Chemistry PhD Research Projects

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Understanding the biological role of the i-motif

The DNA i-motif is an important biological target which has recently been shown to form inside the nucleus of human cells. Current understanding of this structure is limited as it has received little research focus over the last 30 years, primarily because it was thought it couldn’t exist within biological environment. Read more

Processing and characterisation of Ti-Fe alloys as hydrogen storage materials from New Zealand feedstocks

Green hydrogen will become a pivotal vector to carry and store renewable energy in a future net-zero carbon world. Ti-Fe alloys demonstrate high hydrogen uptake at ambient conditions and are an attractive candidate material for stationary bulk hydrogen storage applications. Read more

Sustainable routes to porous metal-organic materials

Porous metal-organic materials are widely investigated because of their potential applications in gas storage and separation, drug delivery, and catalysis, amongst other uses. Read more

Mapping Microbial Cell Interactions on Designer Biomimetic Surfaces

Nature uses sophisticated strategies to control and eradicate microbial cells. A major scientific challenge is to translate these approaches to artificially synthesised systems. Read more

Promoting cancer cell’s antigen presentation for serving as better targets for T cell immunotherapy

Commercial partner: . Oxford Vacmedix UK Ltd (OVM). , Oxford. Cytotoxic T cells (CTLs), which kill tumour cells upon recognition of antigenic peptides presented by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) on the cell surface, are the goal of precision medicine including immunotherapies. Read more

PhD in Chemistry: Organic Electrochemistry

PhD in Chemistry. Organic Electrochemistry. About the Project. Applications are invited for a fully funded 3-year PhD position in synthetic organic chemistry. Read more

New NMR methods for complex structural studies

Knowing the structures and behaviour of molecules is crucial for understanding the world around us and for the development of new chemical products, drugs and materials. Read more

Manufacturing Magnetic Nano Structures

EPSRC funded project 3.5 years full time starting Oct 2022/Jan/Apr/Jul 2023. Magnetic nanostructures can be effectively fabricated from ferrofluids via photolithography and allow for novel nano-scale geometries, properties, and applications in the fields of magnetics, energy, and materials. Read more

Mining the Hippo signalling pathway for novel anti-cancer therapeutics

Candidates are invited to join the Kadri Lab where our research focuses on developing innovative chemical approaches for the discovery of novel therapeutics to address unmet global health needs. Read more
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Deposition of novel transparent conducting thin films with unusual optoelectronic properties

Supervisory Team.   Dr Geoffrey Hyett, Professor Gill Reid. Project description. A fully-funded 3.5 year PhD studentship in materials chemistry at the University of Southampton is available under the supervision of Dr Geoffrey Hyett and Prof Gill Reid is a collaboration with Pilkington NSG. Read more

Towards particle design of pharmaceutical crystals

This project is being pursued in collaboration with AstraZeneca and the successful applicant will be part of a larger research group supervised by Dr Cruz-Cabeza and Dr Ashwin Rajagopalan. Read more

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