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Synthetic Chemistry PhD Research Projects

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We have 137 Synthetic Chemistry PhD Research Projects

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(BBSRC) Evaluating and modelling synthetic glycosaminoglycan fragment interactions with COVID-19

Oligosaccharides are critical carbohydrate-based biomolecules found widely on cell surfaces and the intra-cellular matrix, and are central to many vital biological regulatory processes, including cell-differentiation, cancer, bacterial and viral infections and inflammation. Read more

(BBSRC DTP) Engineering biology: light-responsive carbohydrate materials for the control of molecular recognition

The recognition of carbohydrates spans most areas of biology, from pathogen interactions with their hosts, through the precision activities of the immune system, to the structure and mechanics of the extracellular matrix in animals, storage carbohydrates and the cell wall in plants. Read more

Organic Reaction Mechanism Investigation using Computations and Machine Learning

Project description. Dr Kristaps Ermanis (. ). A fully funded PhD studentship is available at the University of Nottingham working in the general area of computational organic chemistry. Read more

Photocatalytic editing of complex molecules

The development of molecular editing platforms, the process by which single atoms can be inserted or deleted selectively in or around a molecule’s skeleton, would be transformative to synthetic chemists across industry and academia for the streamlined development of new drugs. Read more

Predicting the Chemical Reactivity of Industrially Important Processes

Background. The prediction of the outcome of chemical reactions has long been a holy grail for synthetic chemists as it will allow the selection of the most efficient pathways to prepare high value commodity compounds. Read more

Chemistry PhD Studentship: Conjugated Organometallics and Main Group Compounds for Molecular Conductors

  Research Group: Chemistry
The continuing drive toward electronic miniaturisation, and increased efficiency of energy utilisation and transfer, provides an impetus for the development of discrete molecular species exhibiting conductive and/or other electro-active behaviour. Read more

Chemical Sensors for Analytes of Biological Importance

The University of Bath is inviting applications for the following funded PhD position commencing as soon as possible (and by the end of March 2023 at the latest) under the supervision of. Read more

Diradicals for Photochemistry

In the context of a PhD thesis, novel hybrid-diradicals will synthesized. These will serve as precursors for new-classes of polymers and materials with potential application in organic electronics and photovoltaics. Read more

Probing Actinide-Actinide Bonding

A fully funded EPSRC DTG studentship is available for a highly motivated, outstanding graduate chemist to undertake in the field of f-element synthesis, structural, spectroscopic, and computational characterisation. Read more

Sustainable routes to porous metal-organic materials

Porous metal-organic materials are widely investigated because of their potential applications in gas storage and separation, drug delivery, and catalysis, amongst other uses. Read more

Promoting cancer cell’s antigen presentation for serving as better targets for T cell immunotherapy

Commercial partner: . Oxford Vacmedix UK Ltd (OVM). , Oxford. Cytotoxic T cells (CTLs), which kill tumour cells upon recognition of antigenic peptides presented by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) on the cell surface, are the goal of precision medicine including immunotherapies. Read more

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