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Theoretical Physics PhD Research Projects in the UK

We have 159 Theoretical Physics PhD Research Projects in the UK



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We have 159 Theoretical Physics PhD Research Projects in the UK

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PhD in Engineering - Ultrafast Quantum Nanoelectronics with THz pulses

Quantum technology has been on the spotlight of UK’s research and innovation for the last few years. The ‘holy grail’ of all these efforts is to create the first ‘Quantum Computer’, which unlike our regular, ‘classical’ computers can perform operations exponentially faster and with higher accuracy. Read more
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Controlling and measuring photon emission from single molecules for renewable energy applications

The University of Bath is inviting applications for the following PhD project commencing in October 2022. The aim of this project is to establish coupled measurement of light emission and atomic manipulation, enhanced with spectroscopic and single-photon correlation capabilities [1]. Read more

Highly adaptable photonic quantum interfaces: wavelength and bandwidth conversion

The University of Bath is inviting applications for the following funded PhD project commencing in October 2022. The goal of this PhD project is to develop optical fibre devices to allow increased connectivity and flexibility in quantum information networks of the future. Read more

Optimised colour centre control for diamond quantum technologies

The development and implementation of quantum communication networks enables the possibility of deterministically secure links between remote nodes and is a necessary step in the realization of distributed quantum computing. Read more

Controlling spin qubits in diamond: towards building a quantum computer

Controlling spin qubits in diamond. towards building a quantum computer. If a quantum computer could be built with enough qubits, it would be able to solve problems that are intractable with the classical computers we have now. Read more

Waves, flares, oscillations – complex mechano-biochemical dynamics on the surface of vertebrate cells

  Research Group: Institute of Cell Biology
Looking to join a successful international project on the nexus of cutting edge biophysical modeling and biological experiment?. A PhD project is available to study complex nonlinear dynamics on the cell surface of large vertebrate cells, oocytes and embryos. Read more

A simple-to-use quantum chemistry programme for interpreting the spectroscopy of metalloenzymes

Background. In 2010, a breakthrough was made in the world of biofuel production. This breakthrough was the discovery of a set of enzymes which are used by bacteria and fungi in the degradation of biomass. Read more

Spatial and Temporal Structures in Attosecond Light

Advances in laser sources over the past three decades have allowed us to push nonlinear optics into extreme, highly non-perturbative regimes where large numbers of photons interact with matter and each other, often merging into high-order harmonics of the driving laser source and producing ultrafast light pulses lasting for mere attoseconds [1]. Read more

Caustics and Catastrophes in Strong-Field and Attosecond Processes

Recent advances in laser technology have provided us with ultra-intense laser sources with electric field strengths that can match and even exceed the internal forces that hold atoms together. Read more

Development of nanoporous GaN on Silicon substrate for optoelectronic devices

  Research Group: Condensed Matter and Photonics
Porous group III-Nitrides are emerging as compound semiconductors with novel properties and applications such as strain-free optical reflectors, chemical sensors and a key development pathway to device lift-off from the native substrates and remote epitaxy. Read more

PhD in laser-driven acceleration of electron beams

A studentship is available from October 2022 for a motivated and inquisitive physicist to undertake experimental and theoretical/numerical investigations of direct-acceleration of charged particle beams with laser beams. Read more

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