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We have 170 Physical Chemistry PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

Intellectual Exchange and Innovation Program (IEI Program)

The Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES) is a fairly recent addition to the portfolio of Kyushu University graduate schools. Read more

2 PhD Positions Available in Accelerated Rational Design of Electrocatalysts (CCEM Group)

2 PhD Positions Available in Trinity College Dublin. Applications from outstanding and highly motivated students are invited for two fully funded 4-year PhD positions (€18,500/year + academic fees) to join the . Read more

Improving materials for a better world: toward clean environment by rational material design

The replacement of current petroleum based fuels with cleaner energy source, the valorisation of waste, the sustainable production of H2 as powerful fuels, the replacement of the heavy Haber-Bosch process and the reduction of CO2 emission have one thing in common. Read more

Biological physics of cell trafficking: Immune cell homing at the blood vessel wall

  Research Group: School of Physics and Astronomy
Cell trafficking is vital to all multicellular life and key in diseases such as cancer. In this PhD project, you will devise new methods to study how immune cells that circulate in the blood stream find and bind to sites of inflammation and how cancer cells hijack the system to metastasize. Read more

Atomistic and multiscale simulations of next generation energy storage systems

Supervisory Team. Professor Chris-Kriton Skylaris (80%) and Professor Denis Kramer (20%). Project description. Li-ion batteries have a vast range of applications from mobile phones and laptops to electric vehicles. Read more

Molecular Modelling

Applications are now open for a fully funded PhD project in Molecular Modelling at the Bernal Institute at University of Limerick in the south west of Ireland. Read more

Development of Nanomaterial Coating and Stabilising Strategies

Supervisory Team.   Prof. Xunli Zhang (Engineering, 60%); Dr Eugen Stulz (Chemistry, 40%). Project description. There are unmet needs to develop effective materials to absorb infra-red (IR) light, e.g., for IR signature management. Read more

Ultrafast Photoelectron Spectroscopy as a sensitive probe for molecular structure and dynamics

Supervisory Team. Dr Russell Minns, Dr Maria Krikunova (External, ELI Beamlines). Project description. Photochemistry involves the coupled motion of atoms and electrons on ultrafast timescales. Read more

Learning from historical cement sample stores

The Cements@Sheffield group in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Sheffield, is recruiting a PhD student to join us for a project funded by the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning authority. Read more

Mechanochemistry with mechanical bonds

Any force developed at the macroscopic scale can induce dramatic changes at the molecular scale, even breaking covalent bonds.[1] Indeed, mechanical force is a formidable source of energy that, with its ability to distort, bend and stretch chemical bonds, is unique in its ability to promote reaction pathways that are otherwise inaccessible to traditional methods of activation. Read more

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