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We have 14 King’s College London Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships






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King’s College London Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 14 King’s College London Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

A Superconducting Brushless Exciter for High-power Density Electrical Machines

Background. The ability of high-temperature superconducting (HTS) materials to carry large current densities with little or no resistance makes them attractive for providing large rotor magnetic fields in high-power density superconducting electrical machines. Read more

Vapour Deposited Perovskites for High Performance Multi-Junction Photovoltaic Devices

Metal-halide perovskite based solar cells have now achieved a light to electricity conversion efficiency of 26.1%, making them the leading emerging thin-film solar cell material. Read more

EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) scholarship - Can MIND networks derived from brain MRI shed fresh light on perinatal development?

Brain connectivity is central to neurodevelopment and later cognition and mental health (Morgan et al., BP:CNNI 2018). We recently proposed a new method to construct structural brain networks from MRI data, called Morphometric Inverse Divergence (MIND). Read more

Machine learning the dynamics of force-sensing proteins

Mechanosensing proteins detect mechanical forces within cells and convert them into biochemical signals. Understanding the dynamic behaviour of these proteins under force is key for advancing our understanding of this process called mechanotransduction. Read more

Computational design of novel battery materials with cutting-edge techniques

Applications are invited to apply for a PhD studentship in the Theory and Simulation of Condensed Matter (TSCM) Group at King’s College London, in the computational design of next-generation battery materials, working in partnership with experimental colleagues in the cross-disciplinary ‘Net Zero Centre’. Read more

Levitated Microparticles for Analogue Computing

Description of the position. The Levitated Nanophysics Group and King’s College London are proud to be an inclusive employer, supportive of all forms of diversity, and are committed to providing a supportive, collaborative research environment. Read more

Novel nanophotonic phenomena in near-fields: time and spatial structuring

The Novel Nanophotonic Phenomena team, led by Dr. Francisco J. Rodríguez-Fortuño at King's College London, invites applications for a PhD position focused on the theoretical exploration of electromagnetic near-fields. Read more

Theory of generation of bright attosecond pulses

The creation of the shortest duration, attosecond, light pulses has been celebrated by the Nobel Prize in Physics 2023 [1]. The application of such pulses increases the temporal resolution that physical processes, such as electronic dynamics in atoms, molecules and condensed matter, can be observed with. Read more

Polychromatic optical singularities

Starting from the early 1990s, a quiet revolution has been taking place in optics, coming from a growing realization that one can get a huge amount of information about the propagation of a beam of light by understanding the nature and position of the optical singularities in the beam. Read more

Attosecond physics in solids

High Harmonic Generation in Solids (HHG-S) was first observed in ZnO crystal [1] and GaSe semi-conductor [2]. Recent results show that HHG-S can reach XUV range [3] towards the production attosecond pulses from solids. Read more
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