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4-year Doctoral Programme in Ion Channels and Membrane Transport in Health and Disease (OXION)

Image Credit: Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford

4-year Doctoral Programme in Ion Channels and Membrane Transport in Health and Disease (OXION)

Doctoral Programmes, 2022 Entry

OXION is an Oxford-based consortium of world-leading scientists who have a general interest in the role of ion channels and membrane transport in health and disease. Available PhD research projects within the programme span all areas from atomic level computational simulations and single particle CryoEM structural analysis of membrane proteins to the study of clinical disorders arising from inherited defects in ion channel genes (channelopathies).

We offer a training and research programme that embraces all aspects of ion channel and transporter research. This involves world-leading groups in the area of membrane protein structure determination (both CryoEM and X-ray crystallography), computational biochemistry (Molecular Dynamics), single molecule imaging, chemical biology of membrane proteins, cell physiology (patch-clamp electrophysiology and cellular & optical imaging), genetics, systems and organism physiology, animal behaviour, and human and animal disease. The first year involves initial training and exposure to key technologies during two 4-5 month long rotation projects in different laboratories. This is followed by a 3-year collaborative research project between two OXION groups and students are given a wide variety of choices when deciding these projects.

Successful candidates will be based in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG) during their first year and afterwards in the Department of their primary supervisor. These studentships will offer funding at levels equivalent to most UKRI Doctoral programmes. Funding is likely to include a stipend and fees (at the home rate only). We expect to be able to award up to two studentships for entry in 2022.

All applications must be received by the deadline of 12 noon Friday 3 December 2021.

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