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BBSRC NorthWestBio Doctoral Training Programme Studentships 2023

BBSRC NorthWestBio Fully Funded Doctoral Training Programme Studentships 2024


Stipend: £17,688 (2022/23 rate)

Start Date: 7 October 2024

Fully funded: 4-years

For further information about the programme and how to apply, please click here.

NorthWestBio Doctoral Training Programme

NorthWestBio (NWB) is a new BBSRC-funded doctoral training partnership (DTP) led by the University of Glasgow in partnership with Lancaster University, Queen’s University Belfast, and the University of Strathclyde. Our aim, together with our associate partners, is to provide state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research and innovation training within a rich environment to produce a cohort of career ready graduates equipped to enter the job market, drive growth in the biosciences with the necessary skills to tackle global challenges in sustainability.

Up to 30 PhD positions are available for October 2024 entry in the dynamic DTP. The above strategic vision will be delivered through cross-partner PhD projects, supported by a collaborative core and personalised training and development programme. This nurturing intellectual environment will unite a breadth of expertise and scientific excellence underpinning bioscience discovery in the research themes of animal health, plant resilience and yield, pathogen biology and disease, all of which are central in contributing to a sustainable world.

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Students will follow a 4-year PhD funded model. In the first 3 months, students will receive an in-depth induction programme as a cohort, alongside project-specific training from the cross-partner supervisory team associated with their chosen PhD project. A subsequent tailored portfolio of skills development across 3 thematic pillars (Community & Culture, Research Skills, Transferable Skills & Career) alongside various cohort building activities will give students and supervisors a range of opportunities for inter-partner team building, collaboration and peer-directed learning. Studentships will also broaden their skills and networks through a 3-month Professional Internship for PhD students (PiP) in years 2 or 3.

Our vision is that NWB will transform motivated curious, ambitious, and resilient students into career ready graduates with the breadth of skills to benefit society.

University of Glasgow in partnership with the Universities of Lancaster, Queen’s Belfast, and Strathclyde