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Unique top quality research setting

Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)

Unique top quality research setting

The LUMC, housing the medical faculty of Leiden University, is an academic medical centre for patient care, research and education, aiming to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s health care. It has a strong focus on research, connecting and combining fundamental research into disease-causing mechanisms with patient-focussed studies in areas like oncology, regenerative medicine and population health. The LUMC has research facilities that include capabilities for multiple appliances. The combination with clinical and societal outreach programmes allows for ground-breaking research and innovation in basic and applied science.

Unique top quality research setting

Why study at the LUMC

Studying for a PhD at the LUMC means working together to break new ground, something professor Pancras Hogendoorn, vicechair of the Executive Board and dean, considers part of the unique top quality research setting of the LUMC: “We can offer people from all over the world a stage on which they can put their passion into practice. We have a unique setting with a premium infrastructure.” The collaboration between LUMC, Leiden University and the Leiden Bio Science Park also creates unique possibilities for medical innovation.

Our PhD students are conducting research on greatly varying subjects. This variety stimulates multidisciplinary collaborations. The LUMC connects PhD students with each other, to benefit them and the institution: “The LUMC organizes courses and lectures specifically for all PhD students, regardless of their expertise”, says Hine, PhD student in Neuroscience. These are in-depth scientific and transferable skill courses to prepare you for your future.

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Also check out the LUMC Association for PhD candidates.

Unique top quality research setting

LUMC Graduate School

The LUMC Graduate School offers the information you need, as does Expat Centre Leiden. You will be encouraged to think critically and creatively. You will work towards becoming an independent (physician) scientist and professional. We aim to give you as soft a landing as possible. Check out what our PhD students and their supervisor have to say:

Research Champions and academic staff

The LUMC is delighted to be/have been host Institution of 22 ERC projects in total (6 Advanced grants, 4 Consolidator grants, 9 Starting grants and 3 Proof of Concept grants). The LUMC has a strong history of conducting top quality research. See how researchers at the LUMC have contributed to academic medical research throughout the years in our Research Gallery of Fame. Also, make sure to check out the academic staff.

Unique top quality research setting


The LUMC is located in the beautiful city of Leiden. Leiden has a rich history, many museums, theatres and a cosy city centre. Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands, ranked among the top universities in Europe in research and education. Walking through Leiden means walking through 800 years of visible history. Read more about Leiden here.

Your future

Together with the LUMC Graduate School you will focus on your career prospects and employability together. Graduating at the LUMC means graduating at a top ranked university and a kickstart for your academic career.

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Unique top quality research setting