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CTP-SAI four-year studentships for October 2022

CTP-SAI four-year studentships for October 2023

The UKRI and Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) has awarded a Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP) grant to a consortium led by G’s Growers Ltd. The Collaborative Training Partnership for Sustainable Agricultural Innovation (CTP-SAI) has been co-developed with NIAB as part of its alliance with the University of Cambridge, the Crop Science Centre, the James Hutton Institute, and leading UK universities.

The CTP programme for Sustainable Agricultural Innovation (CTP-SAI) will ensure young scientists are ‘business aware’, opening up opportunities for careers across industry. Ensuring the programme is inclusive and recruits a diverse range of candidates into agriculture is a priority. The CTP-SAI aims to lead the sector by example, training the next generation of new thinkers, ready to act in the public and private sector to effect positive global change in the food and farming system. The programme is supported by leading UK and international agri-food businesses, research organisations and charitable organisations representing the collective needs of farmers and practitioners.


We are offering exciting fully funded PhD opportunities on the following topics:

  • Reducing food waste and risks from the bioaccumulation of pesticides in Cucurbits (pumpkins and courgettes) (Ref: CTP-SAI-024)
  • Controlling meiotic recombination in diploid potato (Ref: CTP-SAI-037)
  • Optimising pollination of Vicia faba for enhanced crop yield and to support biodiversity (Ref: CTP-SAI-038)
  • Using state-of-the-art association genetics in potato to clone and study functional disease resistance genes (Ref: CTP-SAI-039)
  • Testing the risks of chemicals to the Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Symbiosis (Ref: CTP-SAI-041)
  • “Shellshock” - Developing methods of using chitin to reduce potato cyst nematode populations (Ref: CTP-SAI-043)
  • Using less land better - manipulating growth of individual plants, synchronising maturity and reducing crop wastage (Ref: CTP-SAI-047)
  • To me, to you - developing a push-pull system for sustainable management of aphid pests in seed and ware potato crops (Ref: CTP-SAI-048)
  • Improving barley as a sustainable, healthy wholegrain food crop (Ref: CTP-SAI-050)
  • Innovative tillage for potato production within regenerative farming systems (Ref: CTP-SAI-052)
  • Developing Net Zero Wheat Varieties (Ref: CTP-SAI-053)
  • Yield, quality and shelf-life problems in lettuce due to virus infections in the UK (Ref: CTP-SAI-059)


Anyone interested should complete the online application form before the deadline of 6th January 2023. Interviews will be held during January/early February 2023.

Please contact for further application details.

CTP-SAI four-year studentships for October 2022

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