Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dental Medicine

Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dental Medicine

At The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ranked 77th among the world’s 100 leading universities (Shanghai Ranking, 2022), international students can earn a PhD in biomedical sciences at the Faculty of Medicine or the Faculty of Dental Medicine. You’ll conduct research while supervised by leading experts in the field, access cutting-edge research facilities, and join a global research community driven by excellence and innovation, while living in one of the most fascinating cities on earth.

The Faculty of Medicine

Hebrew University’s Faculty of Medicine is an institution of international acclaim, and a pioneer of biomedical research and progressive health care. Our research covers all major human health areas, including cancer, metabolic and heart diseases, medical neurobiology, infectious diseases, bioinformatics, drug design, and more.

Our faculty comprises the Institute for Medical Research, the Institute for Drug Research, the School for Public Health, clinical researchers at affiliated medical centers, and over 300 principal investigators. Our accomplishments are widely published in international journals and recognized by prestigious awards and grants.

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PhD Studies

Our PhD program in biomedical sciences integrates hands-on research with courses in medical and life sciences that explore the human body in health and disease. You’ll be taught by renowned academics, scientists and clinicians, and gain a deep understanding of topics including the genetic code and the systems of the human body.

Various specialization tracks are offered in biochemistry, metabolism and endocrinology; cell biology, immunology, and cancer research; human genetics; microbiology; neurobiology; and computational medicine.

Outstanding students are encouraged to apply to the Abisch-Frenkel Excellence in Biomedical Research Program: Molecular Drivers of Disease, offering a specialized direct PhD track.

PhD Candidate in Systems Biology

There is an opening in the mathematical modeling of biological systems, including differential or stochastic equations, flux balance analysis, and epidemiological/statistical modeling.

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Phd for Pioneering Research at the Forefront of Iron and Oxygen Metabolism

Join Our Pioneering Research at the Forefront of Iron and Oxygen Metabolism
MSc, PhD, and postdoc Opportunities Available

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Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dental Medicine

The Faculty of Dental Medicine

HUJI’s Faculty of Dental Medicine is dedicated to biomedical research, including dental research. Among our 9 departments is the Institute of Biomedical & Oral Research, which conducts the core of the faculty’s biomedical research. Visit our research page to learn more.

PhD Studies

Our PhD programs in biomedical sciences offer participants the opportunity to specialize in a variety of research topics in biomedicine or dental research, including stem cells, cancer, personalized medicine, mineralized tissues, bio-physics, phage therapy, pain, aging, neuroscience, bone, microbiology, immunology, virology, cartilage, tissue engineering, epigenomics, bio informatics, big data, oral diseases, and more.

For information on PhD studies, visit the Authority for Research Students and the International Office, or contact Prof. Doron Steinberg.

Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dental Medicine

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI)

Hebrew University is a global leader in multidisciplinary research and cutting-edge innovation. With over 100 research centers engaged in 4,000 projects year-round, we are actively engaged in breakthrough research on an international scale. Yissum, our tech transfer company, has registered over 10,750 patents covering 3,030 inventions, and has licensed more than 1,050 technologies, making HUJI’s scientific productivity tangible and accessible for the benefit of society.

Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dental Medicine


A range of scholarship funding is available for PhD students through research supervisor budgets and internal/external funding schemes.

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