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CDT SuMMeR Studentships

Fully funded PhDs in the CDT for Sustainable Management of Marine Resources (SuMMeR)  

Welcome to the CDT SuMMeR.We are excited to train the next generation of innovative, transdisciplinary researchers, solution providers and practitioners needed to support the sectors who deliver sustainable management of our precious marine resources. Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) graduating from CDT SuMMeR will be highly employable experts who are part of a career-boosting network of uniquely trained scientists. 

Our PGRs are supported by supervisors from our academic partners across the UK, but crucially every PGR will also have one (or more) stakeholder supervisor to support them in their supervisory team. These stakeholder supervisors come from our network of more than 50 Associate Partners from industry, government and third sector organisations.  

CDT SuMMeR projects are designed to approach real issues facing sustainable marine management from a range of disciplines. If you have a passion for the marine environment, there could be a PhD research project for you.

We are pleased to be accepting applications to 4 more projects, 3 based at the University of Plymouth and 1 at the University of Exeter. Details of the 4 projects and how to apply, can be found at our website or by following the links below.

University of Plymouth

No Live Listings

University of Exeter

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Open for applications until 16:00 BST 27th June 2024 - Find out how to apply here

Studentships will be for 3 years and 8 months, with our postgraduate researchers surrounded by leading academics in their field. Training modules will be available to all postgraduate researchers across the CDT’s institutions allowing them to access the best of each institute. Studentships are scheduled to start in Autumn 2024. To defer the start date to January, the applicant will need to confirm with the CDT and Lead Supervisor. Part-time study is possible but requires the successful candidate to be working at least 0.5FTE.

CDT SuMMeR actively seeks to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in marine science in line with UKRI’s EDI policy. This is supported by coordinating strong collaborations between our Associate and Academic Partners.

For this round of applications, the CDT SuMMeR is only able to offer studentships to “home” students, as we have already reached the number of international students that can be funded (a cap is set by the funders). If you will need a student visa to study in the UK, unfortunately, you will not be eligible during this round of applications.