Funded PhD Opportunities in Medicine, Dentistry and Health

Funded PhD Opportunities in Health at the University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield has a huge range of fully funded PhD opportunities in Health available to students who want to start their postgraduate research in 2024. Applications are now open, with a closing date of Wednesday 26 June 2024.

If your application is successful, your PhD will be based in one of the three health schools at the University of Sheffield.

Funded PhD Opportunities in Medicine, Dentistry and Health
Funded PhD Opportunities in Medicine, Dentistry and Health

The School of Medicine and Population Health is home to a huge range of health experts, from laboratory scientists working on innovative treatments for disease to researchers in public health, health services and health economics. This work is supported by significant funding from national and international research bodies including government research councils, industry and charities.

The School of Allied Health Professions, Nursing and Midwifery is a dynamic community of specialists in Human Communication Sciences, Nursing and Midwifery, and Orthoptics and Ophthalmology. Researchers in these disciplines are conducting impactful, internationally-recognised research across a diverse range of fields: from interactional linguistics, to end-of-life care, to binocular vision.

The School of Clinical Dentistry has expertise that ranges from fundamental biomedical science to the materials science behind dental technology, to the social science that informs dental care. Researchers work in a highly multidisciplinary environment, where outstanding fundamental and applied science is carried out in parallel with the University’s busy clinical dentistry service, the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital.

Funded PhD Opportunities in Medicine, Dentistry and Health

Postgraduate research at Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is University of the Year 2024 (Whatuni Student Choice Awards) and it’s our brilliant PhD students that make Sheffield what it is – a research powerhouse, a multidisciplinary community, a place where ideas matter. We want you to bring your ideas and your enthusiasm for your chosen discipline, and we're committed to supporting you through your research journey.

The University is also a member of the Russell Group of 24 research-intensive universities. In the Research Excellence Framework 2021, 92 per cent of our research was rated in the highest two categories.

Applications for the fully-funded PhD opportunities listed below are now open, with a closing date of Wednesday 26 June 2024.

Select a project below to discover more and find out how to apply:

Children with Speech Sound Disorders in Primary Schools: Views, Attitudes and Experiences of Children, Families, and EducatorsDetails
Community based peer support in palliative careDetails
Young People and Activism for Health Equity in the UKDetails
A novel peptide based approach to inhibit growth of antimicrobial resistant pathogensDetails
Defining the role of ADAM-17-mediated cellular crosstalk in the pathogenesis of inflammatory skin disease (atopic dermatitis) using tissue engineered skinDetails
Does the vault particle contribute to chemotherapy resistance in head and neck cancer?Details
Machine learning models for prognosis prediction in periodontal treatmentDetails
Multi-cancer metastasis detection using Artificial IntelligenceDetails
Optimisation of skin-facing antimicrobial surgical devices produced through Additive ManufacturingDetails
Utrasound as a healing modality for oral tissueDetails
A qualitative investigation of the connections between changes in women’s alcohol consumption and their participation in heavy drinking professionsDetails
A targeted oncolytic adenovirus to treat multiple myelomaDetails
A versatile approach to targeting mechanosensitive deubiquitinating enzymes (DUBs) in tissue damage and chronic inflammation using Molecularly Imprinted Nanoparticle Inhibitors (MINIs).Details
Axonal Transport of Mitochondria as a therapeutic Target in ALSDetails
Bioinspired magnetic microbes for treating metastatic breast cancerDetails
Breaking the cell wall barrier to find new drugs for antimicrobial resistant fungiDetails
Determining the cellular and molecular basis of seizure phenotypes in models of a human neurodegenerative diseaseDetails
Developing gene therapy approaches for CADASILDetails
Developing targeted treatments for HNRNPU-related neurodevelopmental disorder using drug repurposing strategiesDetails
Estimation and subsequent use of health state utilities in cost-effectiveness modelsDetails
Evaluation of the leukocyte contribution to innate immune responses to malaria vaccinationDetails
Evolution of virulence in the human fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans in response to extreme weather eventsDetails
Finding alternative kinder drug treatments that work on chemoresistant OsteosarcomaDetails
Fluorescent Labelling of Protein Hormones Interacting with Class B G Protein-Coupled Receptors: Insights into Ligand-Receptor Dynamics and SignallingDetails
From Zebrafish Tales to Human Interventions: Unveiling Inflammatory Pathways via RNA Binding Proteins in Neutrophil BiologyDetails
Functional lung image synthesis using machine/deep learning: development, validation and applicationDetails
Getting to the heart of cardiac infection using zebrafish modelsDetails
How well can mice reproduce human frailty?Details
Intracellular survival in macrophages as a novel mechanism of resistance of Cryptococcus neoformans to anti-fungal therapyDetails
Investigation of C9orf72/USP8 interaction and its role in ALS/FTDDetails
Modulation of Smooth Muscle Cell Function by Neutrophil MicrovesiclesDetails
Navigating Barriers to Breast Cancer Care in Conflict-Affected Areas of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA): A Mixed-Methods StudyDetails
Old age macrophages? Programming distinct immune behaviours across the lifecourseDetails
Optimising transcranial electrical stimulation for motor neurone diseaseDetails
Prime editing approaches for COL4A1-related disordersDetails
Should I stay or should I go now? Programming immune cell retention versus resolution at sites of tissue damageDetails
Tackling ageing in the gut: investigating the contribution of macrophages in the intestinal stem cell niche to gut maintenance and repairDetails
The effects of research culture on the diversity and career progression for female ethnic minority staff in academia across disciplines: a mixed-methods analysis and thematic frameworkDetails
The role of endothelial PKD1 in endothelial dysfunction and formation of aortic aneurysmsDetails
Use of smart wearable devices in stroke rehabilitation trialsDetails
What’s happening with women’s drinking? Understanding gender inequalities in alcohol consumption and harm in EnglandDetails
Funded PhD Opportunities in Medicine, Dentistry and Health
Funded PhD Opportunities in Medicine, Dentistry and Health