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Mathematics for Real-World Systems

Funded PhDs available in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Mathematics for Real-World Systems

The MathSys programme provides students with the state-of-the-art mathematical modelling skills critical to address today’s challenges in biomedicine and health sectors, modern industry and the digital economy

We seek high calibre students with a mathematical and practical motivation, and who should hold or expect to receive a first class degree in an analytical subject (e.g. computer science, mathematics, physics and statistics).

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Mathematics for Real-World Systems

MathSys is a Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) funded by the EPSRC with support from the MRC, external partners and the University of Warwick. It is dedicated to tackling real-world problems that require developing novel mathematical methods for multi-scale, machine-learning and hybrid modelling.

The CDT will address four application areas:

  1. Quantitative biomedical research
  2. Mathematical epidemiolog
  3. Socio-technical systems
  4. Advanced modelling and optimisation of industrial processes

The Centre and its students interact with a range of external partners from industry, finance and health, representing some of the leading establishments in the UK. It is our belief that modern mathematics and statistics are a core building block for tackling many of the global challenges facing society and that there is a rapidly increasing demand for researchers with the interdisciplinary mathematical skills needed.

Mathematics for Real-World Systems

MathSys is an inclusive CDT with a strong creative and collaborative ethos. It benefits from its own dedicated facilities and is based at one of the UK’s leading mathematical institutes. The CDT is supported by staff from centres with excellent records of world-leading research involving application of mathematics to real-world problems: the Centre for Complexity Science and SBIDER – the Zeeman Institute for Systems Biology & Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research.

We run an ambitious cohort-based training programme that will equip the next generation of researchers with cutting-edge methodological toolkits and practical experience of working with a data-generating external partner. We will train you to think broadly and combine mathematical skills with the ability to understand and model real-world systems, analyse complex data sets, work well in multidisciplinary teams and be excellent communicators. Register for our next Open Day here.