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International Doctoral Programme in Science

International Doctoral Programme in Science

There are 7 full scholarships available to join our 4-year PhD programme designed to develop innovative projects in disciplines such as Nanotechnology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics among top universities worldwide.

Partner Universities: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy), University of Notre Dame (USA), the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Chile), and KU Leuven (Belgium)
When: November 1st, 2022 – October 30th, 2026
Duration: 4 years
Where: The available fellowships are joint projects between Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Brescia (main location), Notre Dame and KU Leuven
Research fields of available positions: Physics, materials science, physical chemistry

The positions are related to the following projects:
  • Time-resolved optical microscopy techniques to characterize 2D transition metal dichalcogenides
  • Novel architectures for advanced sensing based on 2D materials platforms
  • Coherent control of electronic dynamics in layered quantum materials
  • Supersonic cluster beam synthesis of innovative transition metal oxides photoelectrodes for hydrogen production
  • Study of a real time inspection system based on infrared and THz to be coupled to a multi-energy X-ray inspection system for applications in the food and automotive sectors. Industrial partner:X-Next (Italy)
  • Biomarker sensing for precision medicine in digital healthcare. Industrial partner: Antares Vision (Italy)
  • Biomolecule mapping and identification via optical microscopy techniques (BioMAP)

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International Doctoral Programme in Science

Established in 2016, the International P.h.D. in Science aims at:

  • Providing the opportunity to achieve a dual degree
  • Offering wide opportunities to learn and experience different environments
  • Supporting each student with joint supervision on research projects involving two of the participating universities and two dedicated tutors
  • Enjoying a vibrant environment: Università Cattolica is the head of the project; the city of Brescia, is both a modern city and a city of art and history close to Milan and to the wonderful, internationally renewed, lakes and vineyards.

Students are recruited to work under joint supervision on research projects involving two of the participating universities, with a mandatory stay of at least one year in each university. Each student will hence have one tutor from the financing institution and one tutor from the collaborating institution.

Calls are open! Find out all about the opportunities.

How to Apply

Applications for the selection procedure will be considered from candidates of all ages and nationalities who have an Italian degree (laurea specialistica or laurea magistrale) or any foreign academic qualification recognised as equivalent to the Italian degree by the academic authorities in accordance with inter-university agreements of co-operation and mobility.

Applications will be also considered from candidates who, by the date of the application deadline, have not yet obtained their degree or other foreign academic qualification.

For further information on the Application procedure, please do not hesitate to contact

PhD school secretariat:

For individual agreement information:

Application deadline: August 23rd , 2022, 2.00 pm

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