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Ranked 17th amongst the world’s top 25 mathematics research institutes, faculty and graduates of Hebrew University’s Einstein institute of Mathematics include many of the world's leading mathematicians, including a Nobel prize laureate (2005), Fields Medal (2010) and a recipient of the Abel Prize (2020). The Institute aims to train the top tier of future mathematicians, integrating them into pioneering research groups in areas that encompass all of the main branches of the field of mathematics:

  • Algebra & Group Theory
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Analysis
  • Combinatorics
  • Dynamics & Probability
  • Game Theory & Mathematical Economics
  • Geometry & Topology
  • Mathematical Logic
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Number Theory & Algebraic Geometry

In addition, the Institute hosts mathematical scholars from around the world, and actively coordinates year-round seminars, workshops, and conferences for the benefit of students, faculty, and the general public.


PhD Studies at the Institute

International candidates are welcome to earn a PhD degree in mathematics in a cooperative, immersive, and stimulating environment, under the mentorship of renowned mathematicians in the field. The Institute offers research opportunities in areas including the foundations of mathematics, logic, algebra, group theory, representation theory, differential geometry, algebraic topology, analysis, ergodic theory and dynamical systems, number theory, probability, combinatorics and game theory. Detailed information regarding these specific areas of research and their faculty can be found here.

Program requirements include 12 academic course credits and the submission of a research thesis upon conclusion of the degree. Additionally, students participate in lecture series on current topics in mathematics, thematic workshops and global conferences, and collaborate with visiting researchers from around the globe.

For further details regarding the PhD program in mathematics visit this page, and for general information regarding PhD degree studies at Hebrew University, see here.


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI)

Ranked 77th among the world’s 100 leading universities (Shanghai Ranking, 2022), Hebrew University is a global leader in multidisciplinary research and cutting-edge innovation. With over 100 research centers engaged in 4,000 projects year-round, we attract leading researchers from across the globe, and are actively engaged in breakthrough research on an international scale. Yissum, our tech transfer company, has registered more than 10,750 patents covering over 3,030 inventions, and has licensed more than 1,050 technologies, making HUJI’s scientific productivity both tangible and accessible for the benefit of society.


PhD students may receive a stipend through supervisor research budgets, pending availability, or through internal and external funding schemes at HUJI.


Student Life in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is home to a thriving international student community, and students enjoy year-round activities coordinated by our Office of Student Life, while benefiting from social and logistical support throughout their studies.

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Earn your PhD in an environment that facilitates experiential learning and pioneering research, while living in Jerusalem, one of the world’s most fascinating destinations.

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