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NERC-funded PhD studentships: Departments of Materials, Bioengineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London

NERC-funded PhD studentships: Centre for Environmental Policy, School of Public Health, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London

The Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet (SSCP) Doctoral Training Partnership integrates six host partners and several business and policy sector partners, to offer an exciting programme that trains and inspires the next generation of environmental experts and leaders to address some of the toughest challenges of our time. The SSCP DTP is funded by the Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) and based at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London.

Projects for an October 2022 start are listed below. Some projects listed are led by a core partner and co-supervised by an Imperial supervisor - these are listed both under the department as well as the core partner and are marked with an asterisk*. For a full list of these and other projects, further details on the studentships, information on eligibility and instructions on how to apply, go to:

For project-related queries, contact individual supervisors. For general enquiries about the SSCP DTP, contact Christiane Morgan, Doctoral Training Coordinator (

Closing date for applications: midday (12pm GMT), 7 January 2022.

List of supervisors and projects in Centre for Environmental Policy in 2022

Dr Alexandra Collins - Urban climate resiliency schemes for multiple environmental and social benefits: Using community co-production to identify synergies and inform design

Dr Gbemi Oluleye - A novel decision-support framework to accelerate adoption of concepts to support cost-effective industrial decarbonisations

Dr CM (Tilly) Collins - Viticulture in the UK: an opportunity for improved rural sustainability?

Dr Yiannis Kountouris - Wildfires in the UK: understanding the risk and assessing preferences for mitigation and adaptation responses

Dr Joeri Rogelj - Emissions Responsibility Accounting for the net zero transition: developing national and regional accounting frameworks to stimulate climate change action

List of supervisors and projects in School of Public Health in 2022

Professor Matthew Fisher - Linking land use to antimicrobial resistance exposures in our air

Professor Christl Donnelly - Countering the threat of African Swine Fever to Borneo’s Bearded pig

Dr Penny Hancock - Modelling the releases of genetically modified mosquitoes for malaria control in spatially connected environments

Dr Lucy Okell - Modelling the evolution and spread of drug-resistant malaria

Dr Ilaria Dorigatti - West Nile Virus transmission risk from environmental, animal and human surveillance data

Dr Eszter Vamos - Dual environmental and health impacts of industrialised food processing in Europe

Dr Sean Beevers - The Net Zero transition: How does its impact on future energy use and indoor air quality in the UK homes?

Dr Kris Murray - Linking agricultural land-use intensity, ecological integrity and infection risk in the rural Sahel

Dr Patricia Brekke (ZSL)/Dr Ian Mudway* - Investigating the chronic impacts of urban air quality on the brain.

Professor Rosie Woodroffe (ZSL)/Professor Christl Donnelly* - Understanding fine-scale badger behaviour to inform the control of bovine tuberculosis

Professor Maria-Gloria Basanez - Modelling the environmental suitability of the zoonotic infection taeniasis/cysticercosis

List of supervisor and projects in Surgery and Cancer 2022

Dr Ali Salehi-Reyhani - Autonomous Online Detection of Priority Pollutants in Remote Environments