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NERC-funded PhD studentships: Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London

NERC-funded PhD studentships: Departments of Earth Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London

The Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet (SSCP) Doctoral Training Partnership integrates six host partners and several business and policy sector partners, to offer an exciting programme that trains and inspires the next generation of environmental experts and leaders to address some of the toughest challenges of our time. The SSCP DTP is funded by the Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) and based at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London.

Projects for an October 2022 start are listed below. Some projects listed are led by a core partner and co-supervised by an Imperial supervisor - these are listed both under the department as well as the core partner and are marked with an asterisk*. For a full list of these and other projects, further details on the studentships, information on eligibility and instructions on how to apply, go to:

For project-related queries, contact individual supervisors. For general enquiries about the SSCP DTP, contact Christiane Morgan, Doctoral Training Coordinator (

Closing date for applications midday (12pm GMT), 7 January 2022.

List of supervisors and projects in Earth Science and Engineering in 2022

Dr Gareth Roberts - Biodiversity and the Evolving Earth: New Data, New Methods, New Insights

Professor Adrian Muxworthy - Biomagnetic Monitoring as an urban air quality assessment

Professor Adrian Muxworthy - Testing the core-matle-boundary and large igneious province hypothesis: a full-vector palaeomagnetic study of the North Atlantic Igneous Province

Professor Adrian Muxworthy - Determining the Magnetic Signature of Hydrocarbon-rich Environments: A Numerical Approach

Professor Martin Siegert - Glacial history of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: An isotopic geochemical and palaeomagnetic inventory of the West Antarctic rock material

Dr Gareth Roberts - Hard Rock to Heavy Metal: Data and tools for geochemical baselines and chemical fluxes through landscapes

Professor Matt Piggott - Accelerating Scientific Discovery of Complex Scientific Applications with Physics-Informed Machine Learning: Acquatic Eco-Dynamics in Lakes

Dr Rossella Arcucci - Modelling Extreme weather events using Data Science, Machine Learning, and social sentiments

Dr Oscar Calderon Agudo - High-resolution subsurface imaging in offshore wind farms

Professor Saskia Goes - Understanding how subduction has shaped Circum-Pacific tectonics using 3D numerical models

Dr Pablo Brito-Parada - Coupling Life Cycle Assessment and modelling tools to inform sustainable mineral resource management

Dr Gareth Roberts - Mantle convection, melting and landscape evolution

Dr Alex Whittaker - Landscape sensitivity to past and future climate: Solving the intermittency puzzle

Dr Kathryn Hadler - Transforming mine waste into a raw material for sustainable battery productiont

Dr Michele Paulatto - Multi-scale characterization of water flow in submarine hydrothermal systems

Dr Alex Whittaker - Submarine channels, structural deformation and delivery of sediment and plastics to the deep ocean

Dr Dylan Rood - (In)stability of glaciers and climate in volcanic landscapes of the Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica, and American Pacific Northwest

Dr Ian Bastow - Understanding slow slip earthquake mechanisms and seismic hazard using local earthquakes: Hikurangi margin, New Zealand

Dr Michele Paulatto - Multi-scale imaging of magma reservoirs

Professor Saskia Goes - Mapping thermal and compositional structure of cratons

Dr Anne D. Jungblut/Dr Pablo Brito-Parada (Dept of Earth Science and Engineering)* - Cradle-to-cradle mining: Can we return waste from laterite mines into a self-sustaining soil?

Dr Rebecca Bell - Investigating subduction plate boundary earthquake hazards using controlled-source seismic data

List of supervisors and projects in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2022

Professor David Angeli - Sustainable bio-manufacturing of platform and high-value chemicals through data-driven model predictive control

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