Professional Doctor of Engineering and Scholarships at EIT

Professional Doctor of Engineering and Scholarships at EIT

With over ten years of experience providing engineering education, the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) continues to create pathways and opportunities for aspiring engineers that help close the gap between education and the professional workplace whether you are studying online or at one of EIT’s Australian campuses (Perth or Melbourne).

EIT is proud to offer an online and on-campus Doctor of Engineering. The EIT Doctor of Engineering is suited to solving industry problems. It is created to develop specialized skills for practical application in the engineering workforce. The outcomes of the study and investigation have direct and immediate benefits to the industry. It prepares individuals for professional engineering, with an emphasis on engineering practice, high technical competence, and innovation, preparing graduates for technical leadership roles in the engineering industry.

Available Scholarships for On-Campus Students:

If you are studying on-campus, EIT has introduced three scholarships for candidates seeking commencement in its Professional On-Campus Doctor of Engineering program. The following scholarships are available for qualifying on-campus students with a record of academic excellence and high achievement:

EIT Doctorate Research Scholarship

This is the first scholarship to fully subsidize tuition fees offered by EIT in hopes of maximizing the incentives benefiting on-campus students.

Doctor of Engineering Assistantships Scholarships

Assistantships provide future and/or current Doctor of Engineering students of high caliber a very affordable way of completing their Doctoral program. This is also a great opportunity for a student to gain valuable experience in academia. Full-time and part-time research Doctorate students may be awarded assistantships, which fall into 2 general categories: Teaching Assistant and Graduate Assistant.

EIT Dean’s High Achievers Doctorate Scholarship

Dean’s High Achievers Doctorate Scholarship is available to current and future domestic and international students who have a record of academic excellence and high achievement and who are seeking to commence or continue the Professional Doctor of Engineering program at EIT.

Professional Doctor of Engineering and Scholarships at EIT

Doctorate Entry Requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants must satisfy specific requirements. Please note that meeting the minimum admission criteria does not guarantee entry to our programs. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For more information on eligibility requirements and how to apply visit the EIT website.