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Research Methods in Science and Technology

Research Methods in Science and Technology - funded PhD in Italy


The program meets the requirements of innovative PhD programs for its international and interdisciplinary dimensions, covering three research areas, in which students will have the opportunity to take part in national and international research projects:

  • CHEMISTRY (area of Chemical Sciences, ERC sectors PE4, PE5, and LS7),
  • EARTH SCIENCES (area of Earth Sciences, ERC sectors PE10),
  • FORMAL MODELS, DATA ANALYSIS AND SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING (areas of Mathematical and computer sciences, Industrial and information engineering, Physical sciences, Biological sciences, and Historical, philosophical and pedagogical sciences, ERC sectors PE1, PE2, PE6, PE9, LS8, SH4), this latter also covering big data management.


The PhD program is designed to provide students with knowledge, competences, and skills needed to undertake research in science and technology with awareness, responsibility and method. To this purpose, the degree program provides the opportunity to: deepen ethical and methodological issues, develop critical sense, apply both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, experience the development, characterization, validation and usage of formal and computational models, improve scientific and technical writing skills, and confront the international scientific community.

Activities of PhD Students

The first year will be dedicated to courses, exams and other teaching and research activities in Urbino, in the context of the Renaissance city, included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Courses with exams will be taught in English, and will be structured into teaching modules of 4 ECTS each, corresponding to 8 hour of lectures + project work and study. Exams (written tests and/or papers and/or oral examinations) will be taken right after each course. An additional session of exams will be offered in September. Admission to the second year will depend on students’ achievement of a satisfactory score at final exams in each teaching module.

Seminars (with no exams) will address specific topics to provide additional opportunities of either deepening their main fields of interest or widening their research horizons.

Research projects are assigned at the beginning of the second year, which is mainly devoted to research.

PhD thesis will be completed during the third year, submitted and defended at the end of the last Academic Year.

Candidates are expected to spend a semester abroad.

Professional Opportunities

The natural occupational outcome of the program is R&D in academic institutions, research centers, public administrations and companies. The level of expertise, awareness, maturity and experience acquired during the program allows PhDs to undertake careers entailing coordination and decision making skills and responsibility.

How to Apply

15 available possitions (11 with scholarships, 4 without scholarships)

Application deadline: 24/08/2022

Admission request to be presented annualy according to the call.

Admission is based on:

  • Evaluation of qualifications, CV, documentation and, possibly, recommendation letters and publications presented according to the terms of the call
  • Oral examination taken in Urbino or, upon motivated request submitted together with the adminission request, by teleconference
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