Study in the USA with the USF School of Education

Study in the USA with the USF School of Education

At the School of Education, our faculty, staff, and students are scholars and social justice advocates engaged within the diverse San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. With over 20 master's and doctoral programs, including programs at our additional campus locations, we welcome students who seek to make an impact and who are committed to serving those most in need.

If you are thinking of developing or advancing your skills in the fields of education, counseling psychology, leadership, research or advocacy the USF School of Education has these distinctive assets to offer:

  • Quality: Academic rigor and excellence have been USF’s trademarks since 1855.
  • Commitment to diversity and social justice: Our classes combine extensive exploration of theoretical knowledge in a diverse classroom setting with purposeful action, including outreach activities.
  • Supportive and personalized environment: With small classes, dedicated faculty who are available to students, caring staff, and numerous USF services, we are committed to student success.
  • Incomparable setting: Our diverse San Francisco Bay Area community, where cultural and artistic events abound, is sure to stimulate your own creativity and desire to learn.

“The highlight of being at School of Education is the sense of community among my colleagues and professors, networking, and the opportunity to work with others who want to give back to the world just as much as I do.” - Rebecca Loboschefsky, O&L EdD

Doctoral Programs

Teaching and educational leadership are highly complex activities. USF’s School of Education links instruction, research, and service to give students the tools to deal with the challenges and needs of diverse classrooms. You can see the Doctoral Programs here:

  • Catholic Educational Leadership EdD
  • International & Multicultural Education EdD
  • Learning & Instruction EdD
  • Organization & Leadership EdD

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The following scholarships are available to all USF School of Education master's or doctoral students. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the scholarship description.

Admissions Scholarships

Accepted students may receive scholarships to cover three to six credits of tuition in the first year of their program. All accepted students are automatically considered for these scholarships – there is no additional application.

Social Justice Scholarship

This scholarship program recognizes and encourages USF School of Education students who are and/or seek to be transformative change agents in their schools, professions and communities. This scholarship is awarded to any School of Education graduate student who demonstrates outstanding dedication and vision for equitable conditions in schools and communities, domestically and internationally. Selected students can receive up to three credits of tuition.

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