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SeNSS Collaborative Competition

SeNSS Collaborative Studentship competition

What is a SeNSS collaborative studentship?

  • You will join an expert team of leading social scientists and an external partner (from industry, government, or an NGO, in the UK or abroad) who have already developed and defined a research project.
  • You will play a leading role in the project as the doctoral researcher on the team.

Why apply?

You will:

  • Get paid to study! This funding is intended to cover your living costs and tuition fees, to allow you to focus on your research for between 3-4 years.
  • Work on an innovative disciplinary topic, and obtain a PhD.
  • Be supported by an expert supervisory team including academics and a reputable collaborative external organisation with strong links to your university.
  • Join a friendly community of postgraduate researchers.
  • Have access to fantastic training opportunities and funding not only in your specific field, but also broader academic training.
  • Develop a range of important employability skills, enabling you to work in, amongst others, industry, government, an NGO, or in academia.
  • These studentships are offered by SeNSS, which is funded by the Economics and Social Research Council.

I’m interested! How do I make an application?

  • Check your funding and academic eligibility here.
  • If you are eligible, review the 8 SeNSS research proposals (to be released on 3 November), and choose the project which is the best fit for you.
  • Contact the named primary supervisor for this project for an informal discussion about the project and your application.
  • Start thinking about key aspects of your application. Your supervisor can advise you about how best to do this.
    • Your proposal: think about how to explain your research idea, and how you will go about investigating it. View our current student projects here.
    • Your personal statement: think about why you are applying for this studentship, and why you are the best person for it; why you are passionate about this topic; how your existing knowledge and experience connects with it; why you want to study with SeNSS; what your long-term career plans are, and how a SeNSS studentship will help you achieve these.
  • Apply for a PhD place at the university offering the project you are interested in, checking with that university to find out what its internal PhD place application deadline is.
  • Complete SeNSS’s on-line studentship application by 28 February 2022. The application portal will be accessible via the SeNSS website in November 2021.

These are the eight research projects that have been developed by leading SeNSS academics and their collaborative partners. The best applicant for each of these projects will be awarded funding.

Click on a link below for more information, and how to apply.

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