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SeNSS Student-led Competition

SeNSS Student-led Competition

SeNSS is offering approximately 40 student-led studentships for the 2022/2023 academic year, in 13 social science disciplines across 10 universities with exceptional reputations for doctoral training and research.

What is a SeNSS student-led studentship?

  • You will work on a research project you have designed yourself.
  • You will study with an expert academic supervisory team who will guide you in your research work.

Why apply?

You will:

  • Get paid to study! This funding is intended to cover your living costs and university fees, to allow you to focus on your research for between 3-4 years.
  • Work on a topic you are passionate about, leading to obtaining a PhD.
  • Join a friendly community of postgraduate researchers.
  • Have access to fantastic training opportunities and funding not only in your specific field, but also broader academic training.
  • Develop a range of important employability skills, enabling you to work in, amongst others, industry, government, an NGO, or in academia.
  • These studentships are offered by SeNSS, which is funded by the Economics and Social Research Council.

I’m interested! How do I make an application?

  • Check your funding and academic eligibility here.
  • If you are eligible, identify the SeNSS university at which you want to study, and an academic in your field at that university you would like to work with (your supervisor).
  • Contact your supervisor to informally discuss your research idea.
  • Start thinking about and drafting the key aspects of your application. Your supervisor will be able to offer you advice about how best to do this.
    • Your proposal: think about how to explain your research idea, and how you will go about investigating it. View our current student projects here.
    • Your personal statement: think about why you are applying for a studentship, and why you should be awarded one; why you are passionate about this topic; how your existing knowledge and experience connects with it; why you want to study with SeNSS; what your long-term career plans are, and how a SeNSS studentship will help you achieve these.
  • Apply for a PhD place at the university you are interested in studying at, checking with that university to find out what its internal PhD place application deadline is.
  • Complete SeNSS’s on-line studentship application by 25 January 2022. The application portal will be accessible via the SeNSS website by mid-October 2021.

For more information, please go to the SeNSS website.

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