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The Doctoral School in the Social Sciences at Jagiellonian University

The Doctoral School in the Social Sciences at Jagiellonian University

The Doctoral School in the Social Sciences offers 11 doctoral programmes in 9 disciplines:

  • Economics and Finance
  • Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Planning
  • Social Communication and Media
  • Political and Public Administration Sciences
  • Management and Quality Sciences
  • Legal Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Pedagogy
  • Psychology

And Interdisciplinary program “Society of the Future” and International PhD Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Education at the Doctoral School in the Social Sciences lasts between 3 to 4 years. Doctoral School in the Social Sciences offers:

  • supervision regarding the preparation of the doctoral thesis provided by a distinguished professor of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow
  • support of the Doctoral Committee, which includes three highly qualified scholars representing disciplines related to the discipline of a given doctoral thesis.
  • the possibility of conducting an individual research project at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow which is the leading Polish scientific institution, funded in 1364 as one of the oldest universities in Europe, collaborating with major academic centers from all over the world
  • the possibility to obtain mini-grants from the funds of the Jagiellonian University for the implementation of the doctoral project, as well as for the participation in scientific conferences, study visits, purchase of materials and dissemination of research results
  • the possibility of applying for additional research funds from external sources, such as the Polish National Science Centre or the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.

PhD programmes are highly flexible and corresponds to specific research interest of the Applicant. All PhD Candidates are offered the education programme consisting of four modules:

  • Academic and specialized education – courses enabling to obtain the general orientation in the social sciences and to conduct interdisciplinary research, as well as to acquire in-depth knowledge in the area of the discipline where the individual research plan is conducted and the doctoral thesis is prepared
  • Research and methodology education – courses enabling to obtain advanced methodological competence necessary to design and conduct scientific research, as well as to carry out an individual research plan, including advanced methods and techniques of qualitative and quantitative research
  • Academic competences and skills – courses enabling to obtain competence necessary for building academic career, such as academic writing, self-presentation and public speeches, raising funds for research, managing research projects, developing scientific cooperation skills
  • Professional competences and soft skills, including preparation for teaching – courses enabling to obtain didactic competence on the academic level as well as competence necessary for professional non-academic activity.

PhD programmes in Doctoral School in the Social Sciences at JU are not only an increasingly internationalized community of researchers and doctoral studies, but also:

  • Modern classes conducted by foreign lecturers and visiting professors,
  • a chance to participate in international projects and a lot of possibilities to raise your income by using funds from external research projects,
  • support for foreign academic internships in order to improve research methods,
  • and trips to summer schools and foreign conferences.

All of them based on a model of teamwork and individual tutoring.

Funding Notes:

Education at the Jagiellonian University Doctoral Schools is free of charge. Each PhD student receives a scholarship in the amount set by law or more, depending on the source of funding.

The anticipated amount of the scholarship, awarded to each doctoral student admitted to the school, is:

  • Before the mid-term evaluation - PLN 2.371,00
  • After the mid-term evaluation – PLN 3.653,70

All PhD students of the Jagiellonian University Doctoral Schools are exempt from any tuition fees for training within the doctoral programmes scheme. The scholarship is tax-free, but social security contributions are deducted from it. Their amount depends on whether the doctoral student has a different entitlement to health insurance and whether he/she decides to cover the voluntary sickness insurance contribution.

Website: Doctoral School in the Social Sciences - Jagiellonian University


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