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Tissue Regeneration and Cancer MSc Research Programme

The Tissue Regeneration and Cancer MSc Research Programme at the University of Glasgow, will deliver high quality research, training and mentorship to excellent and ambitious students interested in cancer research, including- but not limited to- its intersection with stem cell biology, immunity, metabolism, development, regenerative biology, and behavioural science.

Maintaining a robust capacity to repair following injury - a process known as regeneration - is key to preserving tissue and organ integrity, as well as whole body fitness. However, uncontrolled regenerative power can lead to diseases like cancer, with far reaching impact to overall health.

Programme overview and structure

Students will undergo 1-year of full-time research in a laboratory chosen amongst world-renowned principal investigators at the School of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow You will study in a state-of-the-art laboratory space with access to multiple centralised facilities operated by expert managers. These include tissue culture, flow cytometry, imaging, metabolomic, proteomics, genomics, high content screening, histology facilities and biological service unit for animal research. We bring together world-leading fundamental stem cell, inflammation, cancer and tissue regeneration research with established clinical and discovery research excellence.

Students will be exposed to a wealth of laboratory research techniques, including 3D organoid technology, advanced imaging, cell and molecular biology, multiple omics, genetics, use of mammalian and non-mammalian in vivo research models, quantitative biology, mechanobiology, bioinformatics and statistics. Conceptual learning will be acquired in the fields of cancer biology, cell death and mitochondrial biology, cell metabolism, drug screening and development, immunology, regenerative biology, stem cell biology, whole body physiology.

In addition to research time, students will have the opportunity to participate in research seminars, tutorials, science retreats and interactive discussion groups organised by the School and within the host laboratory.

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Fee information

Access to discounted fees for research costs will be available to all students admitted to the programme, and can be discussed further with the primary supervisor. Financial aid may be available through the School of Cancer Sciences for students requiring further financial assistance to cover research-related costs.

Application deadline: 31 July 2024.

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