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VHIO International PhD Programme Fellowships

VHIO International PhD Programme Fellowships


Apply now to boost your scientific career at VHIO, a Center of Excellence backed by first-class core technologies and a broad training portfolio in one of the best translational, preclinical and clinical research centers in Europe.

VHIO has a unique staff of international researchers who are devoted to delivering on the promise of providing precision medicine in oncology and turning discoveries in cancer research into more effective treatments and better practices to care for our patients.

Fellows recruited through this call will benefit from an exciting scientific environment and an integrated training programme, including access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, lectures and seminars, specialized scientific and technological courses, complementary skills training and career development activities, as well as social activities.

In this call, we do offer fully funded scholarships for international Life Sciences, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Computer science students and Medical Doctors, who want to pursue a PhD at VHIO.


The fellows will benefit from attractive salaries, an international, stimulating and creative environment with expert supervision, advanced training, tailored career development and mentoring programmes, and access to high-end technologies and facilities.

In this call, we offer 5-7 fully funded PhD fellowships in the following VHIO labs:

  • Joaquín ARRIBAS - Immunotherapy | Breast Cancer | Senescence | CART | Cell Therapy | Mechanisms of Resistance
  • Francisco BARRIGA - Cancer Genetics | Copy Number Alterations | Tumor Immune Evasion | Extra Chromosomal DNA | Tumor Heterogeneity | Cancer Genome Evolution | Combinatorial Genetic Tools
  • Francesc BOSCH & Marta CRESPO - Leukemia | Lymphoma | Immunotherapy | Microenvironment | Translational
  • Judith BALMAÑA & Sara GUTIÉRREZ - Genetic Susceptibility | Radiotherapy | Toxicity | Cancer | Tumor Control |Non-Coding RNA | MicroRNAs | Biomarkers
  • Alena GROS - Circulating T Cells | Tumor-Reactivity | TCR | Tumor Antigen | T-Cell Therapy | Immunodynamics | Immune Checkpoint Blockade
  • Joaquín MATEO - Biomarkers | Precision Medicine | Correlative Studies | Prostate Cancer | Genomics
  • Mate MAUS - Aging | Senescence | Iron | Myeloid Leukemia | Tumor Immunology | Immunosenescence | Hematopoiesis
  • Paolo Giovanni NUCIFORO - Microbiome | Microbiota | Cancer | Metagenomics | Metabolomics | Bacteria
  • César SERRANO - Sarcoma | Translational Oncology | Drug Resistance | Chromatin Dysregulation | Cancer Therapeutics | Transcriptomic Reprogramming | Cancer Models
  • Josep VILLANUEVA - Proteomics | Secretome | Tumor Biomarker | Breast Cancer | Drug Tolerant Persistent (DTP) | Cell Surface Proteome | Tumor Cell Communication


Candidates should fulfil the following eligibility criteria at the time of the call deadline. If it becomes clear before, during or after the evaluation phase that one or more of the eligibility criteria have not been fulfilled, the proposal is declared ineligible and is withdrawn from any further examination.

  • The call is open to candidates of any nationality.
  • Candidates must have obtained a University Degree and a Masters Degree in biomedical/medical sciences within the European Higher Education System (minimum 300 ECTS) or an equivalent University Degree that allows to start a PhD thesis in Spain. Candidates who expect to be awarded with such degree by September 2023 are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must have an excellent academic record, previous research experience and a strong commitment to scientific research.
  • Candidates must have a high working knowledge of English.
  • Candidates invited to previous VHIO PhD call interviews are not eligible.
  • Candidates performing their Masters at VHIO are not eligible.
  • Candidates may not have worked at VHIO for more than 3 months before the call deadline.


Applications for the VHIO International PhD Programme are accepted exclusively online through our online application system.

Application deadline: 20th January 2023

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