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Wellcome Trust 4-Year Doctoral Training Programme in Drug Discovery and Team Science

Wellcome Trust 4-Year Doctoral Training Programme in Drug Discovery and Team Science

We are looking for emerging scientists who will make the most of being part of a vibrant and active biomedical research community that works together to develop novel treatments for disease, having positive effects on people’s lives and their health. The current theme will focus on Inflammation.

The University of Nottingham is working with the Wellcome Trust to offer a fully supported 4-year PhD programme in ‘Drug Discovery and Team Science’ that will enable successful candidates to:

  • Be part of a team-driven project that enables you to shape your own research project, whilst working within a supportive scientific community to exchange ideas and collaborate on cutting-edge research.
  • Collaborate and create networks across a wider scientific community, including Universities and Industry.
  • Take part in training opportunities that develop you as an individual - equipping you with technical and transferable skills relevant to the research community and more broadly into the wider world of work.
  • Contribute to changing how science is performed.

Value of Diversity and Change

Our programme embraces the Wellcome Trust’s perspective on diversity: that a diverse research community leads to better ideas to support improved health.

Our approach (known as ‘Team Science’), thrives when individuals with varied viewpoints and backgrounds bring together their unique personal and intellectual experiences, providing new perspectives on scientific issues.

We are therefore looking for people who:

  • Have the ability to ask questions, generate ideas and work in teams as true collaborators.
  • Bring different life experiences and/or insight – whether that’s because of your sex, gender, race, living with any kind of disability (visible or not), age, sexual orientation, class background, education, or caring responsibilities. We are particularly keen to hear from you if you are part of the Black, Asian or other minoritised ethnic communities, are of an older age group and/or have direct experience of what it’s like to come from an under-represented background.

We believe this approach, powered by Team Science, will lead to innovative ideas and a new generation of global thinkers who drive science forward.

Programme Details

Potential projects available for further discussion and development with the successful applicants may use in vivo, ex vivo, in vitro and/or in silico models and will focus on the following research areas, all linked to Inflammation:

  • Pharmacology of G-protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) and Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (RTKs).
  • Disease-relevant approaches, including the use of in vivo and ex vivo models and/or collaboration with clinical colleagues with access to clinicopathological data and patient samples.
  • Systems biology, including genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic approaches.
  • Medicinal and computational chemistry, including AI-based approaches to model receptor pharmacology and/or aid in ligand design.
  • Advanced microscopy and bioimaging approaches.


4-years of full funding is available, including fees and a generous student stipend set at Wellcome Trust scales. Additionally, transition funding is available to students after thesis submission for training or work experience to help with the next stage of their career.

The closing date for applications: Friday 5th January 2024 at 17:00h (GMT)
Interviews will be held online between the 7th and the 16th February 2024
Further details and how to apply can be found on our website.