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Anthropology (2) Biological Sciences (4) Chemistry (6) Geology (18) Mathematics (25) Physics (29)

  Faculty of Science, Masaryk University


 Funded PhD Programme (Students Worldwide)

About the Programme

Embark on an enriching academic journey with our esteemed doctoral degree programs in various scientific fields. Our comprehensive curricula enable you to develop a solid foundation in both theoretical and empirical approaches, empowering you to unravel complex scientific challenges and make significant contributions to your field. 

Our distinguished doctoral degree programs offer a strong emphasis on research, providing you with unparalleled opportunities to engage in cutting-edge investigations and scholarly exploration. As a doctoral student, you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources, enabling you to tackle complex challenges and contribute to the scientific community. You'll work closely with esteemed faculty members, mentors, and research advisors, fostering an environment of intellectual curiosity and collaborative inquiry. As a graduate, you'll be well-equipped to produce creative and innovative scientific work, making a profound impact in your respective discipline. 

Choose your path and specialize in one of the many various captivating science fields: 

  • Analytical Geochemist: Explore the intricate geological processes through advanced analytical techniques, unraveling the mysteries of the Earth's composition and evolution. 
  • Animal Physiology, Immunology, and Developmental Biology: Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of living organisms, uncovering the complexities of physiological functions, immunological responses, and developmental processes. 
  • Anthropology: Dive into the rich tapestry of human cultures and societies, studying diverse social behaviors, traditions, and their impact on our world. 
  • Bioanalytical Chemistry: Venture into the realm of cutting-edge chemical analysis, harnessing state-of-the-art technologies to decipher molecular intricacies. 
  • Biochemistry: Unravel the molecular basis of life, studying the fundamental chemical processes that drive living organisms. 
  • Biomolecular Chemistry and Bioinformatics: Pave the way for revolutionary advancements in genomics and proteomics, harnessing the power of bioinformatics to unlock the secrets of biomolecules. 
  • Cartography, Geoinformatics, and Remote Sensing: Discover the art and science of mapping and spatial analysis, utilizing geoinformatics and remote sensing technologies to study the Earth's surface and beyond. 
  • Chemistry: Encompassing a broad spectrum of research areas, our doctoral program in Chemistry equips you with the tools to explore chemical phenomena and drive innovation in various disciplines. 
  • Ecological and Evolutionary Biology: Dive into the realm of ecosystems and evolutionary processes, examining the dynamic interactions between organisms and their environments. 
  • Environmental Health Sciences: Address critical issues at the interface of environment and human health, exploring the impact of environmental factors on well-being. 
  • Genomics and Proteomics: Uncover the mysteries of our genetic blueprint and the intricate proteomic machinery that governs life's functions. 
  • Geology: Unearth the secrets of our planet's history and structure, investigating geological processes that shape our world. 
  • Life Sciences: Embrace the interdisciplinary nature of life sciences, exploring the wonders of living organisms across various scales. 
  • Mathematics and Statistics: Delve into the world of mathematical modeling and statistical analysis, unlocking insights across diverse fields. 
  • Microbiology: Journey into the microscopic world of microbes, studying their vital role in various biological processes. 
  • Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics: Unravel the mysteries of genetics and the inner workings of cells, illuminating the essence of life. 
  • Physical Geography: Explore the diverse landscapes and natural phenomena of our planet, investigating the interactions between physical elements. 
  • Physics: Venture into the depths of the universe, unraveling the laws that govern matter, energy, and forces. 
  • Plant Anatomy and Physiology: Examine the intricate biology of plants, understanding their growth, development, and adaptation. 
  • Social Geography and Regional Development: Uncover the dynamics of human interactions with space, and explore regional development and planning. 

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Funding Notes

Some or all of the PhD opportunities in this programme have funding attached. Applications for this programme are welcome from suitably qualified candidates worldwide. Funding may only be available to a limited set of nationalities and you should read the full programme details for further information.
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