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Antibody Purification

   Chemical Sciences

   Applications accepted all year round  Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

About the Project

We are developing a non-chromatographic, ligand-free general platform for antibody purification that is simple to implement, easy to upscale, cost-effective, and as such may provide a true alternative to the gold-standard technology: Protein A chromatography.

Our approach relies on unique detergent micelles that are conjugated specifically into detergent aggregates. These capture antibodies, exclude hydrophilic proteins and allow extraction of pure antibodies without concomitant aggregate dissolution.

Thus far, the strategy was successfully implemented with:

A.    IgG’s - human, mouse, rabbit, and sheep [1-3]

B.     The antibody fragment: F(ab’)2 [4]

C.     IgM’s - human, mouse, and bovine [Submitted]

MS.c. students with a strong background in antibody purification & excellent English skills are welcome to submit their CV to:  

At Ariel University, graduate students who are accepted to the 4-year Ph.D. program, receive a monthly scholarship of ~1500-1600$ prior to the acceptance of the Ph.D. proposal and ~1750-1850$ after its approval. Dormitories fees range between 400-600$ per month depending on the room quality and the number of roommates. 


[1] A general platform for antibody purification utilizing engineered micelles (2019).

[2] Role of amphiphilic [metal:chelator] complexes in a non-chromatographic antibody purification platform (2019).

[3] Nonionic detergent micelle aggregates: An economical alternative to protein A chromatography (2021).

[4] Purification of antibody fragments via interaction with detergent micellar aggregates (2021).

[5] Soaps and amino acids as a platform for IgM purification. Submitted


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